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Studio Sunday: Pat Stier

A photo of Pat Stier painting in her studio


Studio Sunday artist Pat Stier was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1940 and now lives and works in New York. The artist is known for painting and printmaking in an abstract expressionist style. Her works are often monochromatic, and utilize splashing and dripping techniques to layer paint and other materials onto canvases.


Stier’s studio looks cool and well lit in this photo. I enjoy that in this photo (which is actually a video…

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Sunny Oil Paintings: Art by Patty Yehle

A painting of a green bird at some flowersNortherm Parula with Oak Catkins, Plum Island

Patty Yehle creates bright, sunny oil paintings of still life and nature subjects. Patty’s oil paintings have a pleasingly graphic look to them, with slightly flattened planes of color and clearer-than-life delineation between foreground and background.

A painting of some nastursiumsNastursiums


I especially enjoy the paintings in Patty’s Flowers and Birds gallery, and the way that the artist uses shadow in her…

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Re-Examining Ideas: Art by Lili Phelouzat

A painting with black geometric shapes layered over a pastel backgroundBLACK HOLE: PIECE 4, acrylic and graphic pen on heavyweight canvas textured paper

U.K.-based artist Lili Phelouzat is focused on re-examining ideas of existence and humanity through abstract works that deal in sharp, geometric lines and bright color. Lili is inspired by forms found in nature, as well as architecture and other man-made items.

An artwork depicting a series of geometric shapes on a pastel backgroundBLACK HOLE: PIECE 1, acrylic and graphic marker on heavyweight canvas textured paper


I really…

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Figures From Nature: Art by Pamela Squires

A painting of a wave crashing on a beachUntitled

Pamela Squires has been honing her painting skills for four decades, building up an impressively diverse portfolio packed with figures from nature, and imaginative abstraction. The artist favors color and dense texture, creating works that are gestural without forgoing detail.

A painting of a baby manateeBaby Manatee


I really like how consistent and strong Pamela’s style is throughout her art portfolio. Though her choice of subject matter varies…

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Color Balance: Art by Catherine Radix Mansell

An ink and wax painting of abstracted flowersFlower Forms

Catherine Radix Mansell works with a variety of delicate media including inks and encaustic. The artist’s works are often created in the style of traditional Japanese ink paintings, with great attention to negative space and color balance.

An ink painting of a delicate pink flowerDelicate


I really enjoy the works in Catherine’s Sumi-e gallery. The title of the series refers to the Japanese term for this style of ink wash painting, and the artist’s works…

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Universal Energy: Art by Hooshang Khorasani

A painting of a vase of flowers in bright colorsPicked From The Garden, acrylic on canvas

Hooshang Khorasani has a background in fine art and graphic design, beginning from a young age. The artist works in layers, drawing from what he describes as a universal energy -- imbuing each of his paintings with a sense of movement and life.

A photo of a painted diptych of abstract geometric compositionsRubic's Melody (diptych), acrylic on canvas


I adore Hooshang’s abstract originals and equine paintings equally – in the former, the artist’s use…

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Studio Sunday: Lucio Fontana

A photo of Lucio Fontana's art studio


Lucio Fontana was born in Argentina to Italian parents, and lived alternately in Italy and Argentina throughout his life and career. The artist was known for founding Spatialism, a largely Italian-centered art movement which focused on bringing light, color, and even sound into the “real” world, effectively escaping the bounds of the traditional canvas.


Fontana’s studio, pictured above, looks like quite the place! It looks…

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Gestural and Painterly: Art by Barbara Haviland

An oil painting of a seaside bayDaisy Bay, oil on canvas

Texas-based painter Barbara Haviland works mainly in oil on canvas, depicting classical landscapes, still-life subjects, and more in a gestural and painterly style. Barbara’s works tend to focus on elements of lighting and the creation of natural-looking textures for rocks, trees, grass, and man-made materials.

An oil painting of daisies, sunflowers, and hydrangeasSunflowers, Daisies, Hydrangeas, oil on canvas


I really enjoy Barbara’s floral works – being…

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Headlines: Da Vinci Buyer, Person of the Year, Ultraviolet

1) TIME Names Silence Breakers "People" of the Year

The cover of Time Magazine's 2017 Person of the Year issue


Time Magazine’s person, or in this case, people of the year are the “silence breakers”: (mostly) women who have come forward about sexual assault. The timely article in the magazine’s hotly anticipated annual issue delves into difficult but very pertinent themes -- most of the individuals represented photographically are celebrities in their own right, and even they have had…

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Headlines: Abu Dhabi, AI, Art Forgery

1) A Visit to the Louvre Abu Dhabi

A photo of the exterior of the Louvre Abu Dhabi


A New York Times reporter visited the architectural marvel that is the Louvre Abu Dhabi, describing the space as perhaps looking like an “unfinished space ship.” Surprisingly, the site is not officially a Louvre property -- it’s simply leasing the use of the name for the next 30 years. But what about the art? Currently, the museum houses about 600 objects, most of which are on loan from a…

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Evocative Figurative Paintings by Jordan Casteel

A painting of two young black men sitting outside of a shopJoe and Mozel (Pompette Wines), oil on canvas

Jordan Casteel lives and works in New York, where she creates evocative figurative paintings of urban life and residents. Casteel’s painted subjects tend to be pictured in candid poses and situations, with a sense of deliberateness in expression and details.

A painting of a figure sitting on a subway with face obscuredSubway Hands, oil on canvas


I like the blend of realism and style in Casteel’s paintings. Her subjects gaze intently out of the…

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Studio Sunday: Kerry James Marshall

A photo of Kerry James Marshall in his studio space


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Kerry James Marshall. Marshall was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and grew up in South Central Los Angeles. The artist is known for paintings that address themes of racism and civil rights in America, with stark, black figures often featuring prominently.


Marshall’s studio in the above image looks busy and rather bright – a classic contemporary painting studio. The artist is pictured sitting…

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Headlines: Wally Neuzil, Climate Change, Columbus

1) Grave of Egon Schiele's Muse to Become a Monument

Egon Schiele's portrait of Wally Neuzil


A grave, discovered in Croatia and belonging to Wally Neuzil, the one-time muse of famed illustrator Egon Schiele, is set to become a monument. Walburga “Wally” Neuzil modeled for numerous works by Schiele after meeting the artist in 1911, when she was 17 and he was 21. and is often called the “Mona Lisa of Austria.” In 1915, Schiele ended his relationship with Wally, who…

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Naturalistic Bird Portraits: Art by Cody Blomberg

A drawing made with digital colorsHawk, Water, Poem, pencil and photoshop coloring

Cody Blomberg is a painter and mixed media artist who incorporates a variety of subjects into his work. Cody moves effortlessly between paintings and murals for children, conceptual paintings, and an ongoing series of naturalistic bird portraits.

An art print of a painting of an owlC-153 Horned Owl, art print on plywood with textured clearcoat and patina finish


I like looking through Cody’s gallery of bird paintings –…

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Fleeting Natural Beauty: Art by Gwenda Branjerdporn

A colorful landscape paintingFlinders Ranges, SA, acrylic on canvas

Gwenda Branjerdporn is a painter who works mainly with acrylics, creating works that capture fleeting natural beauty. Utilizing a broad, saturated color palette and observational style, Gwenda works to capture beauty in the everyday.

A painting of an Australian king parrotAustralian King Parrot, acrylic on canvas


I love the exuberant way that Gwenda utilizes color throughout her portfolio. The artist doesn’t seem to adhere to a…

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