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Word Paintings: Art by Wayne White

A painting of block text in a forested landscapeAre You a Boy or a Girl

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Wayne White is a painter and multi-disciplinary artist with a background in commercial illustration and production painting. In the fine art world, White is best known for his word paintings: images featuring often sardonic words or phrases in crisp, colorful block letters.

A word painting with distorted letterformsHere Comes Mr. Know-It-All


White’s most recent word paintings are quite something – combining…

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Personal and Sentimental: Art by Jodi Mellick

A sculpted fairy doll with auburn hairAubrey, polymer clay, mohair, fabric, wood base, plastic wings, eyelashes, painted eyes, feathers

Jodi Mellick uses her art practice to express notions of beauty with a focus on the personal and sentimental. Working a variety of media including painting and sculpture, Jodi creates works that hearken to a bygone era.

A painting of an Edwardian teal dressEdwardian Teal, acrylic on canvas

I’m quite impressed by Jodi’s works of sculpture – the artist creates lifelike…

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Studio Sunday: Bernard Buffet

A photo of Bernard Buffet at work in his studio


It’s Studio Sunday! Let’s take a look at the studio of Bernard Buffet. Buffet was a French painter associated with the art group L’Homme Temoin, who opposed pure abstraction and painted emotionally evocative figurative works. Buffet’s paintings tended to feature pale, skinny figures with backgrounds and scenery marked by heavy, intense brush marks.


Buffet’s studio as pictured here looks incredibly chaotic. The artist…

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Exaggerated Human Figures: Art by Stylianos Schicho

A painting of two partially obscured faces in a circleUndisclosed-Recipients, charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Stylianos Schicho is a painter from Vienna, Austria. Working in charcoal and acrylic paint, the artist creates layered images that combine exaggerated human figures with overlapping geometric constructs.

A painting of a human figure and an owlThe Garden is Closing in 10 Minutes, charcoal and acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the illustrative aesthetic that comes from Schicho’s use of charcoal in addition to paint. While the…

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Well-Placed Marks: Art by Harry Stooshinoff

An abstracted painting of a wintry landscape at nightNight Walk, acrylic and collage on gessoed masonite

Harry Stooshinoff is a painter based in northern Ontario. A prolific creator, Harry mostly paints on a small scale, producing small, square landscape paintings that depict vast, rolling expanses of nature with a minimal number of well-placed marks.

A painting of a springtime landscapeQuiet Wait, acrylic, pencil and collage on gessoed masonite


I like the way Harry divides the paintings on his website into series by…

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Energetic Abstracts: Art by Franck De Las Mercedes

A painting made up of similar patterns and bright colorsBaby Demons, acrylic on canvas

New York artist Franck De Las Mercedes works with painting, collage, and mixed media elements, creating energetic abstractions that are compositionally and conceptually dense. With overlapping fields of highly saturated color, Franck creates psychedelic imagery that draws the eye across the entirety of the substrate.

An abstract painting with bright colors and white highlightsHigher Worlds, acrylic on canvas


The works in Franck’s recent series Feeling Center

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Studio Sunday: Kenton Nelson

A photo of Kenton Nelson in his studio


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Kenton Nelson. Born in Los Angeles and now based in Pasadena, California, Nelson is a painter best known for his bright figurative works that draw inspiration from American murals and painting from the 1930’s.


Nelson’s studio space, pictured here, looks pleasantly warm and homey. This isn’t the hangar-like white-walled space that we often see large-scale painters working in. Instead, the…

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Headlines: Paris, Jack Whitten, Pastry

1) Artists and Art Workers Speak Out Against Proposed Koons Sculpture

A mock-up of the proposed Koons sculpture in Paris' Tokyo Square


French artists and museum workers are panning Jeff Koons’ gift of his Bouquet of Tulips sculpture to the city of Paris as a memorial for the terror attacks of November 2015. The sculpture, a giant hand clutching a bouquet of half-inflated balloons designed to look like a bouquet of flowers, is very much in keeping with Koons’ pop-art influenced, appropriative…

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Novel Arrangements: Art by Renée Duval

A painting of a bust formed out of leavesGoliath, oil on canvas

Montreal-based artist Renée Duval creates paintings that reflect on the power of natural forms. Renée’s paintings often take trees and flowers as their subjects, splitting and duplicating these subject into novel arrangements that suggest other meanings.

A painting of leaves formed into a faceMe Head, oil on canvas


It’s really interesting to see how Renée’s works have evolved since our previous feature of her kaleidoscopic nature paintings.…

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Color and Energy: Art by Skai Fowler

An abstract painting with bright colors and black line artLoves Passion, Profound, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver-based artist Skai Fowler is a painter who has worked in arts administration alongside her practice for decades. In her personal practice, Skai creates abstract images with a focus on color and energy, covering canvases in saturated, warm hues.

A painting of a complex field with black curled linesLove's Happiness, acrylic on canvas


I really like the color palette that Skai has been working with in her recent paintings. Looking through…

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Hollywood Western Aesthetic: Art by Robert W. H. McCoy

An oil painting of a back room with antique western itemsThe Back Room, oil on linen

Robert W. H. McCoy creates incredibly detailed still-life paintings, often depicting items with a Hollywood Western aesthetic. Born in Colorado Springs, Robert was exposed to his family’s background on the Oregon Trail growing up, a history which informs his current practice.

An oil painting of several antique objects dating back to the American frontierSe'da


I’m really impressed by the works on display in Robert’s portfolio. The artist has developed a very distinct style that…

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Ersatz Americana: Art by Art Carrillo

A painted scene of several toys and objects on a tableASSIMILATION, acrylic on canvas

Los Angeles-born artist Art Carrillo uses acrylic paint to render scenes of ersatz Americana, depicting pop-cultural objects and toys in photorealistic dioramas. The artist draws on an education in graphic design, and influences from 20th century figure painters.

A painting of an arrangement of objects on a tableUNTITLED, acrylic on canvas


I’m really impressed by the artwork on view on Art’s portfolio website. At first glance, it’s easy to…

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Fragile Appearance: Art by Kris Knight

A painting of a young man in a floral shirtSecrets Are Things We Grow

Painter Kris Knight creates symbolic portraits of young men, often surrounding his subjects in feminine visual rhetoric like soft, pastel colored textiles and floral imagery. Knight’s subjects often have a fragile appearance, and even look fearful.

A painting of a man dressed in white, holding a bouquetThrowing Shadows


I really like the delicate, painterly style in which Kris renders his subjects. Smooth, half-blended brush strokes and lingering color…

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Eerie Partial Abstracts: Art by Mary Hayes

A painting of mysterious figures in darknessAscent, watercolor

Artist Mary Hayes creates eerie partial abstracts that delve into the history and implications of portraiture. Recently, Mary has been using her practice to explore paintings by the old masters, combining these aesthetics with pop culture elements.

A painting of Donald Trump with a mocking crown and wingsMacGuffin #6, watercolor and imitation gold leaf


I really enjoy the works in Mary’s recent series The End of the World. The two parts (thus far) of the series focus on…

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Between Disciplines: Art by James Lutzko

A painting made in dark blue hues with glossy epoxyBE-1401, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat

Calgary-based artist James Lutzko creates artworks that span medium and subject matter, meeting to create interesting intersections between disciplines. Much of James’ work is focused around the idea of space, and intuitive creation.

A painting made with cracked, heavily layered green pigmentGC-1601, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat


I really enjoy James’ into Abstract and Spatial Expressionism. The artist himself notes that

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