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Studio Sunday: Ellsworth Kelly

A photo of Ellsworth Kelly at work in his studio


Today we’re looking inside the Spencertown, New York studio of Ellsworth Kelly. The expansive 15,000 square-foot studio has no windows, but numerous skylights let in all the natural light that Kelly needed to work. Ellsworth Kelly continued working in this studio right up until his death last year, and the space likely remains unchanged as of this writing.


The artist’s studio looks bright and well lit – I love the simple…

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Smooth, Undulating Paintings by Dick Roberts

A painting of birds using deep blue and green tonesNight Birds, oil and mixed media on canvas

Featured artist Dick Roberts specializes in smooth, undulating paintings that toe the line between abstraction and figuration, landing somewhere in between. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Dick has a background in science museum and aquarium exhibit design – experience that shines in his deep blue abstractions.


An abstract painting with a large area of negative spaceThe Conversation, oil and mixed media on canvas…

A screen capture of Dick Robert's art website

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Pop and Consumer Culture: Paintings by Brandon Bird

A painting by Brandon Bird of people playing video games without Harrison FordNo One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford, oil on canvas

Los Angeles-based artist Brandon Bird’s paintings and drawings are heavily influenced by pop and consumer culture, with a half-cynical, half-humorous edge. The majority of the artist’s works feature recognizable figures both from fiction and reality.


A painting of the exterior of a Sears store in TorranceTorrance, oil on board

A recent series by Bird comprises a number of paintings of Sears store exteriors. The exteriors are…

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Paintings of Mosh Pits by Dan Witz

A painting by Dan Witz of a packed mosh pitBrite Nite 1, oil on canvas

Dan Witz is a New York-based painter and street artist whose work often takes the form of shadowy, or high-contrast paintings that emulate interior nighttime lighting. Witz is well-known for his series of paintings of mosh pits, where crowds of detailed figures collide across the canvas.


A painting by Dan Witz of a lamp against a dark red curtainEcono Lodge, oil and mixed media on canvas

I find Witz’s mosh pit paintings really interesting, both in the choice of…

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Scientific Discipline Meets Pure Creativity: Art by Bruce Meberg

An abstract painting with a blue and white sunburst on a red backgroundMaelstrom, acrylic on canvas

Bruce Meberg is a New York-based abstract painter. With an educational background in science and a great love for jazz music, the artist’s creations exist where scientific discipline meets pure creativity.

An abstract painting with a blue structure set against a pale yellow backgroundMolecular, acrylic and texture on canvas

With series titles such as Astral/Quantum and Signs of Life, the scientific and speculative influence in Bruce’s work is clear. The paintings themselves are…

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Studio Sunday: Jackson Pollock

A photo of Jackson Pollock working in his studio



Famed American abstract-expressionist painter Jackson Pollock worked in a predictable paint-splattered home studio in East Hampton on Long Island, New York. Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner, moved to the house in 1945. After Krasner’s death in the 1980’s, the house was converted into an art museum and educational space at the request of the artist.


The studio inside Pollock’s home is rather Spartan – the wood paneled…

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Immersive Abstract Paintings by Skai Fowler

A painting composed mainly of blue and red tonesRun Away Summer, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Skai Fowler. Skai graduated from Vancouver, BC’s Emily Carr University in 1985 and has been working in the arts ever since. In her current practice, Skai is creating wonderfully immersive abstract paintings that speak to her local, as well as more universal concepts.


A painting composed of yellow and red tonesRubato, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of Skai Fowler's recent work on her art websiteSkai's Sounds of the City gallery

The artist’s most recent painting series…

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Delicate Food Portraits by Joel Penkman

A realistic painting of a gelatin dessert with whipped cream on topSummer Fruit Jelly, egg tempera on gesso board

Illustrator Joel Penkman specializes in delicate food portraits, often featuring classically British and American snack foods and sweets. Penkman was born in 1979 in New Zealand, and later moved to the UK to work as a graphic designer and artist.


An egg tempera painting of two ice cream cones with fudge and caramelIce Creams 3, egg tempera on gesso board

I love the attention to detail that Penkman gives to his works. Whether it’s taking care to depict…

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Modern Subjects with Classical Style: Art by Greg MacNair

A distinguished looking oil painting of an older womanUntitled, oil

Featured artist Greg MacNair is a painter with a great aptitude for realism. Many of Greg’s works echo the style of renaissance masters, portraying modern subjects with classical style.


A graphite portrait of a young boyUntitled, pencil

Greg has previously worked in commercial illustration, where he did a lot of work with pencil and coloured pencil. In his current personal practice, Greg tends to prefer oil paints on canvas as a medium. He skillfully…

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Studio Sunday: Wallace Whitney

A photograph of Wallace Whitney's New York studio


Abstract painter Wallace Whitney has been living and working in the Bronx, New York for the past five years. Whitney is known for his bright, energetic abstract paintings that use loose brush strokes and compositions focusing on colour and movement.


Whitney’s studio in the Bronx was once a Dominican dancehall, and the space has an interesting eclecticism to it. One space that the artist has filled in with shelves of supplies was…

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Kaleidoscopic Nature Paintings by Renée Duval

A mirrored painting of a sparse tree with white flowersSiddartha, oil on canvas

Featured artist Renée Duval creates philosophical, kaleidoscopic nature paintings with trees as a common motif. Renée is currently based in Montreal, Quebec.

A screen capture of Renee Duval's art

The artist’s most recent series of paintings in her portfolio is entitled Gods and Monsters. Fittingly, most of the works in this gallery take their names from figures in various religions and mythologies. Taking a single tree or…

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Macro Views of Flowers: Art by Joyce Zuiderveen

An oil painting of a cat in a sunny fieldCalvin, oil on canvas board

Joyce Zuiderveen is a painter and photographer from Otsego, Michigan. The artist is currently focused mainly on still-life, florals and wildlife painting. Her photography practice is complimentary to her painting work, finding inspiration in macro views of flowers and foliage.


A photo of dew drops on a green leafMorning Dew, photograph

The oil paintings gallery on Joyce Zuiderveen's websiteJoyce's website gallery of oil paintings


I find Joyce’s photography work particularly stunning – the…

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Floral and Ornithological Paintings by Patty Yehle

A painting of a swan on a pondWild Swan

Boston-based artist Patty Yehle works primarily in oil, creating floral and ornithological paintings that have a bright-coloured, dreamlike quality to them. The artist’s works are available as giclee prints through her website.

A painting of two yellow magnolias against a blue sky backdropRose's Yellow Magnolias 1

Patty applies her oil paints to paper, creating an interestingly smooth and delicate surface that holds her bright colours and contrasts very well. The works in her Clouds and…

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Studio Sunday: Dana Schutz

A photo of painter Dana Schutz working in her studio


Dana Schutz is a painter who currently works out of a large, private studio in Brooklyn, New York. The painter is known for intensely bright, almost gaudy images that are strongly figural despite loose and surreal formal aspects. Schutz’ studio is an expansive space where the artist works on multiple paintings at once.


In the above photo, the floor of Schutz’s studio is littered with sheets of vellum or plastic wrap, each…

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Botanical and Equestrian Paintings by Debbie Hart

A painting of two Clydesdale horsesBest Buds, Clydesdales

Our featured artist today is Debbie Hart. Debbie is currently based in Naperville, Illinois. The artist has a background in scientific illustration, which certainly shows through in her highly detailed botanical and equestrian paintings.


A painting of a bunch of orchids on a dark backgroundOrchid

Debbie works in very polished observational style, capturing each strand of hair in a horse’s mane, or petal on a flower in the utmost detail. Using soft realism, she…

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