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Paintings Bursting with Life by Allen Wittert

A brightly coloured acrylic painting of a city skyline, with imaginitive perpectiveI'll have a Manhattan, acrylic on canvas

Allen Wittert’s figures and portraits have something almost Cubist in them – perhaps the way the artist composes his subjects using coloured shapes and dark outlines, or perhaps the scenes that seem to combine many different physical points of view into one imagine in which the perspective is slightly and interestingly skewed. Either way, Allen creates paintings bursting with life.


An abstract painting with layered shapes and bright coloursOrbiting…

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Spaces both Real and Imagined: Paintings by Margaret Bowes

A series of small oil paintings, each depicting one letter of the word "nowhere"Sometimes You Have To Go Up Really High To Realize How Small You Are, oil on canvas

Margaret Bowes, our featured artist for today, uses her artwork in a unique exploration of spaces both real and imagined, and our relationships to those spaces.


Working primarily in painting, Margaret crafts exquisite images that evoke feelings of familiarity and a certain, poignant lonesomeness. These are not all happy places, though some of them are…

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Finger Painting by Grown-up Artists

jJudith Ann Braun makes a finger painting


There is some special about using your hands to paint, kids know this. It's a different experience as there is literally nothing between the artist and their art. Creative energy must have an easier time travelling from artist to art in this scenario. Above we have a photo of artist Judith Ann Braun, her finger paintings are quite large in scale. Her finger-marks are dragged against the wall using wet charcoal as her paint.



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Wine Not? Artists Painting With Wine

Christina LoCascio artwork painted with wine


In the art featured above artist Christina LoCascio used the unlikely medium of red wine. Which I thought was a strange choice until I searched around the internet and came to the stunning conclusion that this is a thing. People do this now. So I just had to post about it and spread the word, because who knows you might want to join the movement of painting with wine? It would certainly be fun to try it out.


Be warned that the…

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"Allegorical Realism": Paintings by Kevin Sloan

A painting of a monkey tipping coins out of a vase onto a flamingo, painted in a classical realist styleThe Donation

Our featured artist today is Kevin Sloan, a painter who specializes in what has been dubbed “allegorical realism” – paintings which are as beautifully detailed as they are surrealist and absurd.


Attempting to create a conversation about the delicate balance between modern society and ancient, natural process, Kevin’s paintings - which are available as prints on his web portfolio – use an apparently complex and…

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Environmentally Concerned Works by Edie Marshall

A loose oil painting of plumes of grass in yellow and pink tonesPlumes, oil on canvas

Edie Marshall is a painter from Saskatchewan. Her often environmentally concerned works are painted with a loose, gestural hand and put the focus on colour, tone and mood rather than capturing every detail of a scene.


Painting with both acrylic and oil, and using these on different types of substrate, Edie’s impressionistic images are defined by notable skill in the medium of paint. While landscapes and the…

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Which to Choose: Canvas, Panel, and Paper


Canvas, panels and paper for artists

Some reasons you might choose PAPER:


You want to feel less precious about what you are making.

You want the end product to feel like less of a solid object.

You want to paint in thin, watery layers.

You need that bumpy texture of "rough" surface paper.

You want a cheap surface to do some fast and expressive pieces that are a bit experimental - You'll probably throw some of them out.

You want an incredibly smooth surface for fine…

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Digital Meets Traditional: Painting by Michiel Van Der Zanden

A painting of a restaurant made to look like a computer modelRecreation #4, oil and acrylic on canvas

Michiel Van Der Zanden’s paintings and sculptures are a bizarre marriage of realistic painting and computer generated imagery. Van Der Zanden frequently uses a computer modeling program to compose the sketches for his paintings, taking real objects and settings and isolating them in an uncanny digital space, where the laws of physics and architecture seem somehow less rigid than in reality.…


A painting of a temple made to look like a computer generated image

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Studio Sunday: Ken Vick and Michelle Marcotte

A photo of a home studio space with large windows

On today's Studio Sunday, let’s take a look at the home studio spaces of two of our Artist Run Website customers: Ken Vick and Michelle Marcotte. Ken and Michelle recently moved to a new home in Lewiston, NY, where they have set up two beautiful studio spaces, catered to their own respective practices.


As a master woodworker, Ken needs a full, professional level woodworking shop to build his custom furnishings and woodworking…

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An Exciting Collision: Artwork by Giuliana Grande

A primarily blue abstract painting with straight, geometric line artPrairie Lake Sky No. 8, oil and oil-based spray paint on canvas

The vividly colourful and formally packed paintings of Giuliana Grande draw my eye all across the surface – I find new details with every fresh viewing.  Giuliana’s abstract works create a visual space where geometry interacts with clouds of pure colour in an exciting collision.


I’m fascinated by Giuliana’s paintings – in particular those that combine small…

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Modern Surrealism by Matthew Grabelsky

An oil painting of a woman standing in front of a bear in the New York subwayExit Pursued by A Bear, oil on canvas


Matthew Grabelsky hold degrees in both art and astrophysics, lending an interesting perspective to his realistic representational paintings that combine very modern imagery and scenes with a touch of surrealism and classical embellishment. Grabelsky studied painting under great masters in Italy and France, allowing the viewer to see his contemporary conceptual style in a different, contrasting…

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150 Sunsets: Paintings by Noah Verrier

A small, loose painting of a rural sunsetSunset No. 14

Noah Verrier spent a year painting sunsets in the same spot – 150 sunsets, to be exact. These paintings, available for viewing on his website, as well as for purchase in the form of a book, reflect the changing of the seasons, and the movement of the sun from season to season and provide a unique meditation on the passage of time as seen from a single point in space.


When installed, Noah’s 150 paintings are carefully…

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Celebration of Shape and Form: Paintings by Linda Henningson

A painting with some daisies inserted into an abstract, pink and blue backgroundDew, arcylic on canvas

Our featured artist for today is Linda Henningson. Linda graduated from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, in 2006 and has been painting professionally ever since. Her works are colourful and expressive in their use and celebration of shape and form.


Many of Linda’s paintings echo natural forms, vaguely emulating the shapes of plants, or coral, or even microscopic systems and cellular diagrams. In her…

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Colourful, Swirling Abstracts by Luis Pagan

An abstract painting made by pouring layers of thin paint onto a surfaceRaven, house paint on board

Our featured artist today is Luis Pagan. Luis uses an innovative technique to create his colourful, swirling abstracts – house paint poured through a kitchen strainer. The result is paintings that are at once reminiscent of aerial landscapes, photos of outer space, or chemicals under a microscope. 


Luis’ work focuses very much on the behavior of the medium itself. His portfolio is partially organized…

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Paintings of the Irish Countryside by Dominic McNamara

An oil painting of two white cows in the shadeInto the Shade, oil on canvas

Dominic McNamara is a self-taught painter from Ireland. He paints with small, delicate brushstrokes, creating works of art that dazzle with tiny, intricate highlights and details.


Website screen capture of Dominic McNamara's paintingsPaintings of Ireland on Dominic McNamara's website

A painting of a view looking up at the Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge, oil on canvas

Dominic’s varied subject matter showcases his use of oil paint – on his website,, he has his artwork divided into…

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