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Theatrical Masks and Headdresses by Pamela Schuller

A photo of a paper-mache face maskWearable face mask

Based on Ontario, Pamela Schuller is active in fine arts and theatre, producing works that blur the lines between the two. Pamela has been involved in numerous workshops and art projects to engage communities in the arts – often helping participants create theatrical masks and headdresses.

A colorful paper-mache face maskWearable face mask

In our previous feature of Pamela’s dramatic masks, we saw how the artist begins each mask with a cast of…

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Lifelike Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera


Here are some incredible sculptural works by Diana Beltran Herrera. Everytime I look at these images I can't believe that they are so life-like even though they are made with paper. Especially the treatment of the paper used on the belly of the bird that looks like soft down. I can almost imagine the warmth of holding a bird in my hand and it's tiny, speedy heart beat! A note on the photos of these pieces - I can't imagine that it's…

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