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A Portfolio of Plein Air and Florals by Kathleen Willingham

A painting of a house and a lush gardenWhitestone Garden, oil

Kathleen Willingham is a Virginia-based painter and pastel artist. Kathleen was drawn to art by abstract subject matter, and now paints abstractions as well as plein air and florals.

A bright abstract painting with blue and yellow tonesThrough the Chasms of my Mind, acrylic on paper


I enjoy the way Kathleen’s style lends itself to the practice of painting en plein air. The artist’s works are slightly gestural and impressionistic, capturing the lighting and…

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Dramatically Lit Landscapes by Jess Kilgore

A pastel drawing of a Vermont landscape with autumn treesOn Lone Tree Hill, pastel

Jess Kilgore is a painter and pastel artist with a background in architecture. Currently based in Vermont, Jess creates sweeping, dramatically lit landscapes that are inspired by 20th century landscape and figurative artists include the Group of Seven.

A pastel drawing of the light at sunriseSunrise, pastel


I really appreciate the softness of Jess’ pastel works. In particular, I like the way the artist uses pastels to render light. The slight…

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Evening Light: Pastel and Painting by Michael Gaudreau

A painting of a trail of footprints in the snowCold Frosty Morning - Marcy Field, oil

Michael Gaudreau is an artist currently living in Bel Air, Maryland. Creating landscape artworks that seek to replicate delicate, early morning and evening light, Michael spends much of his time outdoors in Bel Air in the Adirondack mountain range of New York.


A painting of early morning light breaking over a pondDawn on Chapel Pond, pastel

Working frequently in pastel, Michael does a great job of capturing the particular type of lighting that he…

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Lighting and Texture: Pastel Art by Marilyn Riopel

A pastel drawing using a large amount of blueOrganics, pastel

Marilyn Riopel was born into an artistic family in New York, later moving to British Columbia where she taught art and music. Marilyn’s current practice utilizes pastel and showcases a versatile style that focuses on lighting and texture.


A pastel drawing of a row of pink-hued treesShake Your Booty, Pastel

I’m always impressed to see such complex and visually interesting works created with such a tricky medium. Though Marilyn’s style is changeable, the…

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Swirling Florals: Art by Gwenda Branjerdporn

A painting of a duck floating on a waterlily pondWaterlily Pond and Wood Duck, acrylic on canvas

Today’s featured artist, Gwenda Branjerdporn, is a painter and media artist who specializes in swirling florals of pastels, paint and watercolour. Gwenda tends to use highly saturated, cool colours in her works, creating beautiful landscapes of teal and pink hues.


A painting of a parrot perched on a flowering treeAustralian King Parrot, acrylic on canvas

The gallery of paintings on Gwenda Branjerdporn's art websiteGwenda's gallery of paintings

I like the way that Gwenda seems to play with the…

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Bright, Jazzy Pastel Works by Marilyn Riopel

An abstracted pastel drawing of a city skylineMusic Series - Gotham, pastel and gershwin

Today’s featured artist is Marilyn Riopel! Marilyn was born in New York to a creative family, but it wasn’t until her art career took her to Canada that she discovered her love for the medium of pastels. Marilyn’s bright, jazzy pastel works sometimes echo landscapes, and other times are abstract, expressing musical themes. I’m really impressed with the amount of deep, saturated colour…

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Plein Air Pastels by Edy Stoughton

A pastel drawing of a field with bales of hay strewn throughoutGetting Ready for Winter, soft pastel

Our featured artist for today, Edy Stoughton, is an artist from northern Michigan who paints pastel scenes of the local landscape, sometimes using a plein air approach. These plein air pastels capture all seasons of the countryside that Edy lives in, finding beauty in each different scene.


A pastel drawing of a snow-covered dune in MichiganWintry Dunes in Northern Michigan 2014, pastel

Pastels are something of a less common fine art medium, but…

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