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Variations in the Land: The Photography of William Kent

A photo of Painted Hills, OregonPainted Cove from Parking Lot

Photographer William Kent captures images of landscapes both wild and urban all along the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada. The artist’s portfolio is packed with images that celebrate saturated colour and the incredible variations in the land of just a small part of the world. 

A photograph of spindly, leafless trees in NewfoundlandThe Arches Treeline


I really like the way that William emphasizes colour in his photographs. Whether he’s…

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Landscapes from Other Worlds: Photographyby Richard R. Ashby

A photo of blue sky streaked with cloudsUntitled

Richard R. Ashby is a photographer who takes a creative approach to his medium, pushing the envelope of photographic composition with abstracted works and shots of flowers and minerals that are close-up so as to suggest landscapes from other worlds

A close-up photo of an agate geodegeode -- agate


I find the artist’s series of Rock and Mineral Abstracts especially fascinating -- in these works, Richard photographs slices of rocks and minerals so that the…

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Spirituality and Mortality: An Art Portfolio by Sarah James

An inkjet print with blocks of colour and patternMordaith, inkjet and relief print

Sarah James is an artist who works in painting, printmaking, and photography, emphasizing large blocks of bold colour and repeating geometric patterns in her works. The artist is inspired by ideas of spirituality and mortality, and the aesthetics of historic quilting and tile-making. 

An art print with a geometric coloured patternAlhambra 2, etching


I like the sense of quiet complexity in Sarah’s prints -- though each work by itself tends…

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Open to Interpretation: Art by Scott Ross

A painting of muscle tissue in blue tonesUntitled, oil on canvas

Scott Ross is a self-taught artist currently based in rural Connecticut. In his current practice, Scott explores processes of cognition, and the link between perception and emotion. Visually, the artist’s works are often abstracted, at least partially, while maintaining some link to recognizable forms and figures, hinting at subjects that are open to interpretation

A painting of muscle sinew in a range of bright colourUntitled, oil on canvas


In our previous…

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Coloured Textiles: The Art Portfolio of Sharon Blake

An artwork made with layers of coloured textiles1048 - Sonoma, September, organza, silk, linen

Sharon Blake has lived all over the United States, and much of her artwork draws inspiration from the various settings and scenes that she’s been exposed to via these travels. Sharon’s artistic portfolio includes abstracted landscapes created in coloured textiles, as well as sharp studio photography.

A textile-based image with a ghostly image of a house0964 - Grey House, organza, silk, linen


I really love Sharon’s series of textile…

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Black and White and Duotone Photographs by Stuart Diekmeyer

A photograph of a landscape at Mount EtnaMount Etna

Stuart Diekmeyer is a lifelong photographer currently based in Maryland. The artist’s photography portfolio emphasizes black and white and duotone photographs, focusing on close-up detail, texture, and composition. 

A photo of twigs strewn across a snowy landscapeTwig Pattern


I really like Stuart’s duotone images, the majority of which feature close-up images of plants and flowers. As we saw in our previous feature of Stuart’s abstracted viewpoints, the artist…

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Inspiration from Nature: The Art of Janet Pancho Gupta

A painting with symbolism of eyes and a butterflyHunger, watercolour

Janet Pancho Gupta is a painter and photographer based in Hong Kong. In her artistic practice, Janet draws inspiration from nature, balancing strict realism with abstract geometric patterns, and using flying creatures -- birds and butterflies, among others -- as a motif. 


A painting of a figure with overlapping planes of colourUniversal Affection, watercolour and pen


I like the sense of thematic balance in Janet’s artworks. The artist’s Symphony of Life series…

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Behind the Visible: The Photography Portfolio of Paul Thomann

A chemically manipulated piece of photographic filmChemical 8A, direct chemically manipulated photographic paper

Paul Thomann is a Swiss artist currently based in Chicago. In his practice, Paul is a photographer and filmmaker, blending slice-of-life, documentary-style images with a slight leaning toward abstraction, conceptualism, and a deeper meaning behind the visible

An antique photo of a woman standing outsideMore family 001


It’s interesting to see the varied ways in which Paul presents the photographic image,…

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Vitality and Decay: An Art Portfolio by Rachel Lambert

A soft sculpture with cylinders of fibre connected into a "rug" shapeAspen Rug, faux fur, embroidery, floss, wire

Rachel Lambert’s artistic practice encompasses a wide range of media and techniques, from land art and interventions in nature, to photography, to soft sculpture, to two-dimensional media. Much of the artist’s work deals with nature, embracing both vitality and decay; elements of beauty where one might not expect to find them. 

A photo of the moon during an eclipseHarvest Moon Eclipse, photograph


Looking through…

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Notions of Resilience: Film Art by Sarah Seené

A film photograph of a cat in a window next to a brick wallEntre lune et balcon, 35mm film photograph, April 2020

Sarah Seené is a Montréal-based photographer and filmmaker. In her current practice, the artist explores notions of resilience in the face of mental and physical challenges. Sarah collaborates with the subjects of her photographs and film works, creating thoughtful, nuanced series on subjects like albinism, blindness, and other conditions. 

A close-up portrait of an older woman staring forwardLa gaieté ordinaire, 35mm film…

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Photography and Digital Media by Alexander Joseph Tacik

A photograph looking into a garden through a fenceOver the Garden Wall

Alexander Joseph Tacik is a Saskatchewan-based artist who works in photography and digital media. In his current practice, Alexander creates imagery that takes a closer look at urban architecture and rural scenery, approaching both extremes with an eye for colour and bold composition. 

A photo of a white skyscraper in ReginaUntitled


I really enjoy seeing Alexander’s photos of Regina and the surrounding area, and the contrast between the focus in…

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A Portfolio of Two-Dimensional Media by Sassicca Bowyer

A photo of a cat on a wooden constructionUntitled

Sassicca Bowyer is an artist originally trained in painting who now works in a variety of traditional, two-dimensional media and styles. The artist’s gallery features examples ranging from highly figurative, documentary photography, to abstract painting. 

An abstract painting with green tonesUntitled


Sassicca’s photographs sometimes remind me of work by Emina Kurtagic -- there’s a sense that the artist’s main pursuit here is to simply capture what they…

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Objects, Architecture, and Spaces: Photography by JP Campbell

A photograph of a delipidated sign at a cemeteryPriez 2, Sainte-Cecile-de-Masham, Quebec, 2018

JP Campbell is a photographer based in Wakefield, Quebec, who takes film photographs of objects, architecture, and spaces that are frequently overlooked or forgotten. The artist’s portfolio conveys a strong interest in colour and an eye for dynamic composition. 

A photo of a car parked next to a buildingChar, Rue Eddy, Gatineau, Quebec, 2018


Like fellow photographer Hunter Madsen, JP uses his photographic lens to excavate…

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Poetic and Documentary: Photography by Ted Diamond

A photo of an outdoor basketball hoopBallin', The Creamery, Apulia, NY

Ted Diamond is a photographer whose images present views of people and places that are at once poetic and documentary. The artist’s images are sneakily well-composed, often taking on the appearance of quick snapshots while maintaining underlying conceptual depth. 

A photo of train tracks in a snowstorm in illinoisTrains Bloomington Illinois 2015 White-Out


I like the way that Ted organizes his different photographic series on his portfolio website.…

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A Portfolio of Photography and Collage by Bill Armstrong

A layered photocollage with a hazy image of a person's face#904

Bill Armstrong is a New York-based photographer who experiments with photography and collage techniques, building composite images that blur the line between photography, painting, and collage. The artist has been working on his Infinity series since the mid 1990’s, producing a wide body of work that continues to push the envelope of traditional photography. 

A photocollage of a circle with hazy colours#4008


Armstrong’s Infinity photographs are a fascinating…

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