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Kaleidoscopic Colour: Art by Peter Barron

An abstract painting with numerous coloured forms overlappingHead

Painter and printmaker Peter Barron creates artworks that are equally impactful in black and white, and in kaleidoscopic colour. The artist uses a similarly gestural, painterly approach in his abstractions and in his figure drawings and prints.

A painting of an orange rock emerging from waterOrange Rock, oil


Where in our previous feature of Peter’s artworks we looked at his textural, celebratory abstracts, I’m also quite impressed by the artist’s approach to figures. The…

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Excitement of Driving: Art by Tom Kenyon

A lino print of car partsNight, linoleum block print

Tom Kenyon has a need for speed – Tom’s art practice has evolved around the artist’s love of classic cars and racing. Utilizing a variety of artistic media including photography and printmaking, the artist captures the look and feel of the machines, as well as the excitement of driving them.

A lino print in blue of two cars racingK Bucket V, linoleum block print


I like the somewhat abstracted approach that Tom takes to depicting cars and…

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Op-Art Images by Mary Crockett

An abstract painting with blue and neutral tonesTile (Kiss), oil on canvas

Mary Crockett produces geometric abstract prints with bright, inky colors. Working with paint and printmaking techniques, Mary creates op-art images that provide an intriguing challenge for the eye.

An etching of radiating blue linesVortex, etching


I really enjoy the way Mary balances heavy, opaque shapes with lines in her print work. The artist’s focus seems to oscillate between color and form, creating an interesting balance in most of…

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Studio Sunday: Charles Beck

A photograph of Charles Beck in his studio


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Charles Beck. Born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Beck made a name for himself as a woodcut print artist and painter in the 1950’s. Beck’s works are known for their simplicity and subdued color schemes – the artist sometimes created paintings on location in the Minnesota wilderness, and his subject matter often reflected that landscape.


Beck’s studio is cozy and packed with art supplies, wood…

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Sun-Dappled State: Art by Todd Scott Anderson

An art print of painted wildflowersMOUNTAIN WILDFLOWERS

Todd Scott Anderson lives and works between Florida and Mexico, creating splashy, colorful prints of flora from desert, mountains, tropics, and prairies. Todd’s works utilize color to great effect, offering close-up views of various landscapes in a sun-dappled state.

A printed painting of a tropical leafTROPIC FLORA


Each of the works in Todd’s online portfolio is available as a high-quality giclée print on canvas. While the colors of each work…

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Bygone Days: Art by Dennis Worrel

A painting of a red-head girl in outdated dressRedhead Girl on wood, acrylic on board

Painter and printmaker Dennis Worrel creates images with a very distinctive, old-world aesthetic. With a portfolio full of imagery that draws on the photographic and artistic look of bygone days, the artist conjures a fascinating and inviting atmosphere.

An artwork depicting a carved lion statueSt. Mark Doorway


I’m really enjoying Dennis’ recent series of Antiquities. These works, which seem to combine the disciplines of painting…

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Color-Reduction Woodcuts by Cathie Crawford

A colorful woodcut by Cathie CrawfordHealing Waters, color-reduction woodcut

Cathie Crawford is a printmaker specializing in color-reduction woodcuts. The artist is originally from New York, but has spent time living in Saudi Arabia, France, and Illinois. Cathie has won numerous awards for her prints, which are featured in collections and galleries all over the world.

A rainbow-colored woodcut print on Japanese paperSpectrum, color reduction woodcut on Kozo paper


Looking through Cathie’s portfolio I really enjoy the…

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Mixed Cultural Identity: Art by Jess Richter

A photo of a house made from cut and folded paperAdelheid Haus, scherenschnitte, UV silkscreen, hand-tinting, collage

Jess Richter is a German-Canadian who uses her work to express and explore the fragility of her mixed cultural identity. Her most recent works reflect a kitsch aesthetic that is rooted in an underlying memory of the artist’s grandmother.


A cut paper house by Jess RichterAutumn Haus, scherenschnitte, UV silkscreen, and hand-tinting on Stonehenge paper with Washi collage

Jess’ Haus series takes…

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Textural Aesthetics: Art by Danielle Bobier

An abstract wall-installation made from specifically cut plywood squares3013.2604, CNC-routed fir plywood in 32 panels

Vancouver-based artist Danielle Bobier uses printmaking, painting, and installation art techniques to explore textural aesthetics. Danielle’s works are very self-contained, often taking a subdued yet deeply conceptual approach to aesthetics.


A print with a strip of gold leafUntitled

Danielle’s works, though often made with mixed-media and painted media, seem to reference the style and tone of printmaking. There’s a…

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Office Supplies as Motif: Art by John Hovig

A silkscreen design of a ruler and paperclipsCR-239 Acrylic Ruler in Yellow, acrylic and silkscreen on linen


John Hovig is a multimedia artist who often uses office supplies as motif. John’s portfolio is full and varied, with explorations of the man-made and mechanical placed alongside or in series with more organic forms.


A tinted woodcut print by John HovigCycladic Rider 1 (hand-tinted), woodcut with watercolor


I enjoy the way that John elevates the humble paper clip to an art material in so many of his…

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Earthy Colors and Abstract Shapes: Art by Tim Van Ginkel

An abstract print with earthy colorsIWF-2, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim Van Ginkel is an American artist who specializes in printmaking techniques. The artist’s heavily layered prints have an almost antiqued appearance, with earthy colors and abstract shapes.


A print with layers of earthy browns and bluesIWF-5, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim’s collection of 2016 works features works that seem more unified. These prints, which heavily utilize neutral colors in orange, brown and green tones, act as…

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Text and Found Objects by Morgan Wedderspoon

A close-up image of a printed artist's bookSurface Reader 3 (detail), woodcut, digital print

Morgan Wedderspoon recently completed an MFA from the University of Alberta. Her mixed media works incorporate printmaking and bookmaking techniques, sometimes combining text and found objects.


An installation view of an artwork consisting of silhouetted images on paperCoincidence (detail), unbound book: photo-intaglio, letterpress


In her thesis project From the Surface, Morgan arranged a number of found objects on a table in a sort of bizarre…

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Bright Graphic Images: Art by Phil Cummings

A bright painting of an alarmed catKizzy Alarmed, acrylic on masonite

Phil Cummings is a prolific artist with a background in film. Phil’s portfolio is filled with works in various types of print media as well as painting. The artist’s style emphasizes color, shape and pattern to create bright graphic images that would be at home both in a gallery or the pages of a comic book.


An abstract, patterned painting of Adam and EveAdam & Eve, cartoon paints on clear acetate


I’m impressed by the patience that must…

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Studio Sunday: Donald Judd

A photo of Donald Judd working on woodcuts in his studio


Donald Judd was born in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, before eventually relocating to New York where he developed his art practice alongside the American abstract expressionist movement. While Judd spent his lifetime stringently denying his classification as a minimalist artist, much of his work follows the formal tenets of minimalism.


In the above photo, Judd can be seen hard at work in his studio, experimenting with woodcut…

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Architectural Forms and Negative Space: Art by Susan Gransby

A reduction linocut of a bandstand in a public parkAlexandra Bandstand

Artist Susan Gransby uses printmaking and mixed media techniques to create constructed sketches that celebrate architectural forms and negative space. Born in London, England and currently located in Vancouver, BC, Susan’s practice is informed by urban, industrial settings.


A mixed media work with bamboo imagery on a neutral backgroundBamboo/Bamboo, mixed media

I’m impressed by Susan’s reduction linocuts, in which the artist is able to portray fairly complex scenes in…

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