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Headlines: NEA, Texas, Memorial

1) Proposed Cuts to NEA Voted Down

The Capitol building in Washington, DC


In Washington, DC, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly against a proposed amendment that would have cut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts by 15 percent. In what is being hailed as a victory for arts advocated in the United States, 297 representatives voted against the amendment, while only 117 voted for it. The Amendment was proposed by the republican representative…

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Land-Based Sculptures by Nls Udo

An artwork made up of grass in a diamond pattern among treesAu Dessus de la Rivière, grass planting (L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France)

Nils Udo is a German artist who has been creating land-based sculptures since the 1960’s. The artist’s style is well-defined and almost stark, if not for Udo’s use of the materials of the surrounding land, creating a fascinating tension between what could exist in nature, and what is necessarily man-made.

An artwork consisting of a moss-covered den in a forestLa Mousse I, (Forêt des Vosges)


I really love the…

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Headlines: Aguilar, Ai Weiwei, Alabama

1) Photographer Laura Aguilar Dies at 58

Plush Pony #15 by Laura Aguilar


Laura Aguilar, a Latina photographer known for her stirring photographs of marginalized women, passed away at the age of 58 this week. Aguilar’s artistic focus included lesbians, Latina women, plus-sized individuals, and the working class, and she was known for staging photographs that treated her subjects with respect and allowed viewers from many walks of life to connect with the…

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Headlines: Cloud Column, News, Food Tours

1) A Cloud Column Kerfuffle in Houston and Chicago


A “precursor” to Anish Kapoor’s beloved Cloud Gate sculpture was installed in Houston, TX, this week (Cloud Gate resides in Chicago) and for a while relations between art appreciators in the two cities became downright adversarial. Cloud Column is a 32-foot oblong shape in the same mirrored chrome as the better-known work. Art critic Kim Janssen derided Houston as a…

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Headlines: Portaits, Projection, 5 Pointz

1) On the Official Obama Portraits

Amy Sheralds portrait of Michelle Obama


Art critics are weighing in on the recently unveiled official presidential portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama. The former president’s portrait, commissioned from artist Kehinde Wiley, sets the figure of Mr. Obama in a forward-leaning stance, set against a bright background of crisp, green leaves. In the New Yorker, Vinson Cunningham calls attention to the slight skewed perspective in the work,…

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Headlines: Magnus, Vantablack, Melgaard

1) Truck Driver Damages Nazca Lines

An aerial photo of a geoglyph, part of the Nazca Lines


A truck driver who intentionally ignored road signs and drove into a protected area of the Peruvian countryside has caused significant damage to the nation’s famed Nazca Lines. The lines, dating back over 2,000 years, are an artefact pre-dating Inca society, and have been declared a United Nations World Heritage Site. A video shows the truck being driven off the Pan-American Highway and into the…

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Headlines: Fruit Trees, Caesar, Avocados

1) Art Collective Plants Free Fruit Around Los Angeles 

An image of fruit trees planted by Fallen Fruit in LA


The California arts collective Fallen Fruit has installed flowering fruit trees in parks throughout Los Angeles, as a form of public art. The fruit that is eventually produced by the trees is free to be picked by anyone passing by. Fallen Fruit have been planting fruit trees including avocados, figs, oranges, and lemons since 2004, as a way of attempting to encourage…

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Interactive Netting Projects by Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam

A photo of a netting project by Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdamTakino Rainbow Nest (Installation view at Takino Suzuran National Park, Hokkaido, Japan)


Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam is a textile artist who has been producing interactive netting projects since the 1970s. In the 1990’s, Horiuchi-MacAdam founded Interplay Design and Manufacturing in Newfoundland, Canada with her husband, and continues to produces these huge interactive sculptures through the company.

A photo of a net project installed in Hakone, JapanHakone Forest Net (Installation…

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Studio Sunday: Judith Baca

A photo of Judith Baca in an outdoor studio setup


This Sunday we’re looking at the artistic process of Judith Baca. Baca is an American artist of Mexican descent, well known as both an art educator and an activist for Chicana feminism. In her art practice, Baca is frequently involved in the creation of large-scale public murals, and is credited with the design and creation of one of the largest outdoor murals in the world, the Great Wall of Los Angeles.


While the outdoor space…

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Headlines: The Met, The CIA, Art Criticism

1) Met in Talks Regarding New Mandatory Admission Fees

A photo of the exterior of the Met in New York
The Metropolitan Museum in New York could potentially implement a mandatory entry fee for non-residents of New York. The museum, which has long been a completely taxpayer-supported institution, was free for over a century and has only in recent years introduced a “suggested donation” for entry. However, the Met’s current multi-million dollar budget deficit is not being…

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Headlines: Bulls, Bombs, and Bullies

1) New York's Chinatown Gathers Submission for New Public Artwork

The Canal Street triangle in New York's Chinatown


New York’s Chinatown is putting out a call for submissions for a new work of public art to be installed at the point between Chinatown and Little Italy. Submissions are being accepted until June 19, with the prompt “Gateways to Chinatown.” With a set budget of $900,000 USD, the project’s goal is to promote Chinatown’s increasing identity as a center for the…

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Headlines: Vermeer, Women's Day, Ivanka

1) Wildly Popular Exhibition Causes Chaos at the Louvre

A photograph of crowds lined up to see a Vermeer exhibition at the Louvre


A Vermeer exhibition at the Louvre is causing chaos and upheaval at the French institution. “Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting,” a blockbuster retrospective of works by the Dutch master and his contemporaries, has thus far been marred by the museum’s apparent unpreparedness for unprecedented visitor numbers. According to reports, the first day of the exhibition saw…

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Headlines: Petitions, Protests, POTUS

1) NEA Petitions on White House Website Not Counting SIgnatures

A screen capture of a petition on the White House website


Two White House petitions urging Trump to preserve the NEA and federal arts funding are reportedly not registering new signatures. Both the petitions, currently “available” on the White House website, launched January 21st, the day after the inauguration, a few days after the new president announced his budget plan that would  not include funding for the NEA or the…

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Headlines: Met, Women, Inauguration

1) Met Museum Postpones Expansion in Favor of Repairs

A photo of the Great Hall inside the Met Museum


The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s plans to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a new wing have been delayed due to financial issues. While the hope was to have the $600 million new wing open in 2020, officials announced on Wednesday that the Met must instead devote the necessary time and money to repairing the skylights and roof above the rooms housing European paintings.…

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Unifying Opposing Viewpoints: Art by Prav Pillay

An installation view of an outdoor stone sculpture and gardenTransformation in Earth and Stone, collaborative community based ceremonial public art work, collaboration with Xwalacktun - Squamish Nation


Conceptual and multi-media artist Prav Pillay uses his practice as a way of unifying opposing viewpoints, and rectifying the tension between environmentalism, history and technological advancement. Prav’s works take many forms and incorporate a range of media including installation, public…

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