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Headlines: Desert X, Artefacts, Video Games

1) Desert X: The Coachella of Art?

A ground-level photo of Tavares Strachan's "I Am" at Desert X

The first ever Desert X (Desert Exhibition of Art) is set to open this weekend in California’s Coachella Valley, a location currently famous for the eponymous music festival that occurs every April. The exhibition will see numerous artists creating both indoor and outdoor works that respond to various aspects, physical and experiential, of the desert location. One work previewed in the linked article…

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Crooked Toe Studio: Sculpture by Leanne Schnepp

A sculpture of PersephonePersephone, stoneware clay, stained and glazed, with stucco and welded steel

Sculptor Leanne Schnepp works out of her Crooked Toe Studio, creating artworks of clay that sometimes incorporate welded metal components. Leanne’s recent works have largely focused on costumed anthropomorphic figures.


A sculpture of an antelope with a human faceAntelope Key Holder, stoneware clay, stained and glazed, with wire


I enjoy the variety of textures that Leanne utilizes in her artworks.…

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Studio Sunday: Andy Goldsworthy

A photo of Andy Goldsworthy working on a large clay ball


Studio Sunday artist Andy Goldsworthy is known for his site-specific works of land art. Goldsworthy currently lives and works in Scotland, often working outdoors in the environment that he is opting to manipulate for a given art piece.


Goldsworthy is pictured here working on a specific project with a number of assistants. The project, called the Alderney Stones project, encompasses a number of artworks that take the form of giant…

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Wire Sketches: Sculptures by David Oliveira

A wire sculpture that looks like a drawing of a womanUntitled

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, David Oliveira is a sculptor who is known for his wire sketches that mimic rough drawings in three dimensions. These sculptures function only when seen at a particular angle, and otherwise dissolve into abstraction.


A wire sculpture created around a chair to look like a woman sittingUntitled


I’m really impressed by the attention to detail in Oliveira’s works. Looking at online images of these, some of them definitely achieve the look of a drawing hastily…

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Studio Sunday: Mari Andrews

A photo of Mari Andrews' sculpture studio


It’s studio Sunday, and we’re looking inside the studio space of Mari Andrews. Andrews is an American sculptor known for her wall-hanging sculptures that incorporate traditional construction materials as well as natural objects and detritus.


Given how well Andrews’ practice lends itself to experimentation, it’s no surprise that one wall of her studio is completely covered in these strange, intriguing sculptural objects.…

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Cartoonish Americana: Sculpture by John Brickels

A sculpture of a brownstone buildingBrownstone 4

John Brickels specializes in stoneware clay sculpture, creating highly detailed miniatures of machines and buildings. Each of John’s sculptures is imbued with a lively sense of cartoonish Americana.


A wall-hanging sculpture of a mid-century cafeMel's Coffeeshop


I’m really a fan of John’s City Buildings series. These sculptures take the form of realistically detailed buildings, though each is distorted and twisted into delightfully playful proportions. Every…

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Headlines: Destructive Selfie, Poland, and Trump's Art Market

1) Centuries-Old Statue Toppled by Tourist

A photo of an 18th-century sculpture of Saint Michael


An 18th-century Portuguese sculpture of Saint Michael is the latest artefact to fall victim to a blundering museum-goer. The statue, which was on display at Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art, was knocked over after an unnamed Brazilian tourist backed into it while trying to capture a selfie in his phone. According to a Facebook post left by museum staff after the incident, the statue…

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Deconstructions of Familiar Forms: Sculpture by Hollis Roberts

A sculpture made using a circular steel form and multicolored fabricsSometimes,,steel and fabric


Hollis Roberts primarily works as a sculptor, though some of her earliest work was in the field of photography. Working with various materials including wood, textiles and metal, Hollis creates sculptural installations that serve as explorations and deconstructions of familiar forms.


An installation using the steel forms of several outdoor chairsMove Along, steel


The artist’s sculpture portfolio succeeds in being surprising and slightly disorienting at times.…

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Studio Sunday: David Nash

A photo of David Nash sitting among sculptures in his studio


David Nash is an English artist who is best known for his wood sculptures, and natural artworks which he creates by manipulating and sculpting living trees. The artist tends to carve his works roughly with a chainsaw, as well as occasionally charring the wood for a rustic, blackened effect.


Nash’s studio looks like a strange forest from a fantasy or sci-fi novel. The space is filled with trees or large chunks of wood in various…

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Regal Sculptures of Animals by Jason Shanaman

A sculpture of Christopher, an ape from the Center for Great ApesUntitled, hydrostone with bronze coating

Featured artist Jason Shanaman creates regal sculptures of animals with a particular eye for apes, gorillas and orangutans. Usually working with hydrostone, a strong sculpting plaster, the artist makes lasting sculptures and functional, wearable objects.


A sculpture of Mari from the Center for Great ApesMari

The detail that Jason is able achieve in his works is quite impressive. For apes, each hair seems perfectly placed and delineated – for…

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Headlines: Makoto, Pink Floyd and Glass Sea Life

1) A CNN Interview With Azuma Makoto

A photograph from Azuma Makoto's Exobotanica


Here’s an interview by CNN with Japanese artist Azuma Makoto, known for his incredible, science-fiction like artworks that he makes out of living plants. The interview discusses the artist’s whole practice up until his recent and perhaps most well-known work, Exobotanica, in which Makoto fired a bonsai tree and a floral arrangement into space, photographing the plant life in a frozen state as…

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Mechanical Animals: Art by Jessica Joslin

A sculpture of a turtle made from animal bones and gold detailsUntitled


Jessica Joslin combines an arts background with training in the professional trades to create her fascinating mechanical animals. Sculpted from real and replica animal bones, as well as metals, wood and altered found materials, Jessica’s sculptures are equal parts eerie and ornate.


I find Jessica’s constructions really incredible. Each sculpture is fabricated expertly, with almost no evidence of the artist’s hand.…

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Contradictory Characteristics: Sculpture by Romain Langlois

A sculpture of a wood plank with fabric-like foldsChevron

French sculptor Romain Langlois takes natural forms and adds contradictory characteristics. Combining the materiality of multiple objects into one form, Langlois’ sculptures are frequently worthy of double-takes.


A sculpture of a stone with a molten coreAttraction de L'Espace, bronze

In some of Langlois' most well-known works, natural forms like boulders and logs are imbued with a surreal beauty in the form of what looks like molten gold erupting from their cores.…

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Aluminum Foil Sculptures by Toshihiko Mistuya

A tinfoil sculpture of a figure riding a birdAnonymous Relatives - Archaeologist, installation

Toshihiko Mitsuya works in two and three dimensions, though the artist is particularly known for three-dimensional aluminum foil sculptures. Featuring incredible amounts of fine detail, these sculptures often take the form of figures on horseback, in multiple editions that fill gallery spaces with sculptural armies.


A photo of an aluminum foil sculpture of a skeletal figure on horsebackAnonymous Relatives - Gardener, installation

I’m really impressed…

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