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Geometric Intersections: Art by Angela Britzman

A sculpture made from a wooden ball with drywall screwsDeath Star, wood, drywall screws, vinyl paint

Angela Britzman works in two and three-dimensional media, creating abstract art pieces that emphasize geometric intersections. Recently, Angela’s sculptures have taken the form of spheres in varying sizes with ray-like projections emerging from every angle.

A set of two spherical sculptures with long, sharp protrusionsSputniks (Howard and Pussycat), wood, bamboo, vinyl paint


Angela’s sculptural works are quite charming in their relative formal…

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Exciting Curvature: Sculpture by Serge Mozhnevsky

A photo of a wood sculptureSerenity

Serge Mozhnevsky is a sculptor who creates abstract forms with exciting curvature in wood, metal, and stone. Serge creates works for both gallery exhibitions and public spaces, altering the dimensions and materials of his forms to suit each.

A wooden sculpture with a central metallic sphereEmbrace


I’m enjoying the sense of cohesion that’s present across most of the works in Serge’s online portfolio. Though his use of material varies widely, his compositions tend to…

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Studio Sunday: Fletcher Benton

A photo of Fletcher Benton at work in his studio


Fletcher Benton is an American metal sculptor. Based in San Francisco, California, Benton is known for his kinetic sculptures artworks, as well as large-scale steel sculptures that he began producing in the 1970’s. As a kinetic artist, Benton maintained a sense of isolation throughout much of his early career, creating his works in something of a vacuum.  


Benton’s studio reminds me of the likes of Richard Serra, or David…

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Studio Sunday: Erwin Wurm

A photo of Erwin Wurm with an assistant in his studio


Today’s studio Sunday artist is Erwin Wurm. Born in Austria, Wurm still lives and works in Austria between the cities of Vienna and Limberg. Wurm is best known for sculptural and installation works that take familiar objects and spaces and distort them into bizarre facsimiles that are at once humorous and disturbing.


Pictured above, Wurm’s home studio in Limberg is where the artist creates his sculptural works (and perhaps…

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Steampunk Assemblages: Art by Linda Cohen

A mixed media artwork with steampunk imagerySteampunk, mixed media on canvas-wrapped board

Missoula, Montana-based artist Linda Cohen creates unique steampunk assemblages from a wide range of materials and textures. Linda has a background in professional floral arrangement, and uses this knowledge of layering to create her current works.

An art piece made with discarded computer parts and wooden gearsUntitled, wooden gears and found computer parts on wood tray


I’m really enjoying browsing through the galleries on Linda’s website. While…

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Studio Sunday: Michael Sailstorfer

A photo of Michael Sailstorfer's studio space


This week’s Studio Sunday looks at Michael Sailstorfer. Based in Germany, Sailstorfer is known for sculptural installations that take recognizable objects as a starting point, then edits them into strange new constructions. The artist often uses machines or mechanical components in his work.


Sailstorfer’s studio is bright and large in this image. It looks like it has multiple rooms, as well -- or at least the pictured archway…

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Realistic Yet Surreal: Sculpture by Matthew Dercole

A sculpture of some avocados filled with earthwormstwo and a half avocadoes in a generic white bowl with raised designs, stoneware, underglaze, polymer clay, ink, resin

Matthew Dercole is a ceramic artist and sculptor who works on a small scale, creating realistic yet surreal models of a wide range of subjects. Matthew has studied and honed his craft at institutions throughout the eastern United States, and is currently teaching at the Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut.…

A sculpture of a cake slice with earthworms throughout

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Sturdy Metal Structures: Art by Michael Kinghorn

An outdoor metal sculpture with geometric linesOverhaul

Michael Kinghorn is a blacksmith and metal sculptor who creates sturdy metal structures that combine pure abstraction with a science-fiction aesthetic. Based in Wakefield, Quebec, the artist works with iron as well as variety of other metals.

A photo of a metalwork sphere in a gallerySphere


I like the way Michael combines a very hard-edged industrial aesthetic with a sense of almost childlike wonder in his pieces. Though he uses heavy sheets of metal, and hard,…

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Dynamic Shapes: Sculpture by Carol Bove

An installation view of Carol Bove's sculpturesThe Equinox (installation view at MoMA NY)

Brooklyn-based artist Carol Bove is known for her large-scale sculptures of curved, abstract forms. Bove’s works with steel and concrete take on an interestingly organic aesthetic, with imperfect, dynamic shapes that seem to buck the traditional appearance of the media.

A photograph of a flat sculpture by Carol Bove on a rail roadMonel, silicon bronze and stainless steel


I really enjoy some of Bove’s recent gallery works, where sculptures with…

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Raw Clay: Sculpture by Kanyamashokoro César

A sculpture made in the image of Rodin's BalzacRodin's Balzac Interpretation

Kanyamashokoro César creates works of clay sculpture that showcase the beauty of the process. Shoko’s works embrace imperfection and a natural aesthetic, in which the artist celebrates the coloration and texture of raw clay.

A fragmented human figure made from clayLive Model from Clay

I like the tactile nature of Shoko’s sculptures – many of then depict human figures, and feature plenty of evidence of the artist’s interventions and the…

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Studio Sunday: Louise Nevelson

A photograph of Louise Nevelson's art website

Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Louise Nevelson. Born in 1899 in what is now Russia, Nevelson moved to American with her family at the turn of the 20th century and, based in New York, became known for her monochromatic abstract sculptures.


Nevelson’s best-known works are abstract assemblages composed of many smaller, three-dimensional blocks and pieces, giving them an almost puzzle-like aesthetic. Assembled on a horizontal…

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Melted Candy: Gel Medium Sculptures by Emma Brooks

A sculpture made from poured and dried gel medium01_01

Sculptor Emma Brooks creates layered, colorful works that take on the appearance of melted candy. Flat, rounded sheets of poured gel medium create layers that reference the look of flower petals, book pages, coral formations, and numerous other natural and man-made objects.

A sculpture made from layers of black gel medium03_02


There’s something incredibly satisfying about Emma’s sculptures, and the way they seem to fuse to whatever surface they are created on. The…

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Headlines: Vatican, Bull's Head, Desert X

1) More Replicas of Vatican City Landmarks to Come

An interior photo of mosaics in the Gregoriano Profano museum in Vatican City


Last June, Mexico city played host to a life-sized, exacting replica of the Sistine Chapel. The project, a privately-funded venture dreamed up by Mexican entrepreneur Antonio Berumen, saw each of the Chapel’s intricate fresco paintings reproduced with photo-transfer techniques and installed on canvas inside a wooden replica of the church. The project was such a popular success that…

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Rabbits as a Motif: Art by Belinda Harrow

A sculpture of a soft-looking rabbitRose

Belinda Harrow was born in New Zealand but now lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan. Belinda’s artworks often look at prairie environments and social constructs in relation to local fauna. Some of the artist’s most recent works heavily utilize rabbits as a motif.

A reverse view of a silhouetted rabbit sculptureverso of Rose


Entitled Future Nostalgic – The Rabbits, Belinda’s most recent series of work consists of a number of sculptures of rabbits and accompanying…

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Organic, Energetic Forms: Art by Eva Lys Champagne

A sculpture composed of an earthy pot with white tendril formsA Great, Gracious, Aggressive Abandon

Eva Lys Champagne is a sculptor and traditional artist who works with organic, energetic forms. Eva grew up in Hong Kong and has worked as an educator and resident artist throughout the United States and Europe. She now resides in Montana.

A sculpture of colorful objects trapped in a sculpted structureUntitled


Eva uses her artistic practice to explore the natural sciences in conjunction with more esoteric areas like cosmology. Like much of the work in her…

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