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Headlines: Momofuku, Confederate Monuments, Pantone

1) Encouraging Creative Thought Through Instant Noodles

A wall of ramen packaging at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Japan

Here’s a profile of the Japanese museum dedicated to instant ramen noodles. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is named after the inventor of instant noodles, and features exhibitions about everything from the invention process to current packaging designs. Guests can even participate in interactive exhibits - one in which visitors make their own instant noodles from scratch,…

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Studio Sunday: Peter Voulkos

A photo of Peter Voulkos in his art studio


In this week’s Studio Sunday we’ll look at the studio of Peter Voulkos. Voulkos, born Panagiotis Voulkos to Greek parents in Bozeman, Montana, became a renowned ceramicist during the American Abstract Expressionist period. He was known in particular for large-scale clay sculptures that featured a rough, heavy aesthetic with ample evidence of the artist’s hand.


For a period of time, Voulkos shared his studio with fellow…

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Headlines: Drawing, Microsoft, Munster

1) Drawing Prize Winner Draws Questions from Critics

A photo of Kirsty Lillico's State Block artwork


The winner of this year’s Parkin Drawing Prize is making headlines in part because the work is composed of a carpet, cut into strips and hung in a gallery space. “State Block” by Kirsty Lillico, won the prestigious New Zealand drawing award, which includes a cash prize of $20,000 NZD, beating out over 500 other submitted works, nearly all of which used traditional drawing…

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Monolithic Abstractions: Sculpture by Robert Schad

A steel sculpture by Robert SchadDureik, solid square steel

Robert Schad is a steel sculptor who divides his time between France and Portugal. Creating large, monolithic abstractions for both outdoor and indoor settings, Schad projects a view of steel as unexpectedly malleable and flowing.

An installation view of two Robert Schad sculptures in a galleryMevel/Pokinak (installation view), solid square steel


I love Schad’s gallery-based artworks, in which the artist seems to “draw”, with steel. Schad often utilizes what looks…

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Headlines: Fearless Girl, Scaffold, Google

2) Fearless Girl Acquires Canine Companion

A photo of Alex Gardega next to Fearless Girl and his pug statue


The saga of “Fearless Girl” continued this week with the addition of a small sculpture of a pug urinating on the original statue. The pug sculpture is attributed to New York artist Alex Gardega, who has called the entire affair “corporate nonsense.” According to Gardega, “Fearless Girl” has nothing to do with women’s rights and only serves to degrade the original charging bull…

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Interactive, Tactile Experiences: Art by Liz Nurenberg

A soft sculpture by Liz NurenbergUntitled (from Body, Object, Body, Mark)


California-based artist Liz Nurenberg is known for her textile works that create interactive, tactile experiences for the viewer. Intent on challenging the notion that art must be kept pristine and untouched in a gallery space, Nurenberg creates works that are designed to be handled and played with.


A photo of a sculpture by Liz NurenbergUntitled (from Conversation Pieces) photo by Jeff McLane

Nurenberg’s sculptures sometimes…

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Aesthetics of Architecture: Art by Margaret Griffith

A photograph of an installation by Margaret GriffithCommonwealth, handcut paper (installation view at Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA)

Margaret Griffith is originally from Winston Salem, North Carolina. Griffith draws on the aesthetics of architecture, using elements like wrought-iron and chain-link fencing to build up new and different sculptural forms.


A sculpture made from twisted copper cut into curling shapesDerby, copper


Griffith creates sculptures, as well as drawings and public works. I’m quite taken by her sculptural…

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Medium of Spider Webs: Art by Michael Anthony Simon

A photo of a spider web lacquered by Michael Anthony SimonSmile 10.5.2013.17:47:57, lacquer on Nephila Clavata spider web

Michael Anthony Simon is from Chicago but relocated to South Korea in 2009. Still based in the Korean countryside, Simon has taken to the unusual medium of spider webs to form the substrate for his lacquered sculptural works.


A pair of spider webs that have been lacquered in pink and yellow huesPink and Yellow in Excited States, lacquer on Nephila Clavata spider web

While the process and idea of using spider webs in artwork is fascinating…

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Stylized Standing Figures: Sculpture by Gosia

A sculpture of a standing figure with painted-on featuresBeneath the Waves, polymer gypsum

Gosia is a sculptor who was born in Poland and now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. The artist’s works often take the form of highly stylized standing figures, created with simple, pale human forms embellished with moments of color and added materials to elevate them to a new conceptual level.


A sculpture of two standing figures with blue paintInto the Ocean, polymer gypsum


I really love how much Gosia is able to convey using fairly clean and…

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Real Wall Art: Donald and Corliss R. Wall

An abstract mixed media artworkEmotional Breakdown #1, oil, wood, saw dust, nails, and found objects on canvas, Corliss R. Wall

Donald Wall and Corliss R. Wall create Real Wall Art in the form of both two and three-dimensional works. Donald creates works of painting and sculpture, while Corliss specializes in abstraction.


A painting of a swelling ocean waveLost Horizon, acrylic on canvas, Donald Wall


The artists frequently show their work together, utilizing the gallery space as a way to allow…

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Headlines: Tuner, Interactive Exhibit, Public Sculpture

1) Turner Prize Changes Rules to Include the Over-50 Crowd

A photo of Anish Kapoor, 1991's Turner Prize winner


The Turner Prize, Britain’s “most prestigious” art award, has announced a change to its regulations that will allow artists over the age of 50 to be nominated. The prize, which has been awarded annually since 1984, was initially open to participants in any area of the arts and at any age. Since 1988, however, the Turner Prize has been open only to artists under the age…

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Modernist Aesthetics: Sculpture by Rand Hardy

A colorful abstract sculpture by Rand HardyFuturama/Kachina Kar, aqua resin, paint

Sculptor Rand Hardy draws on both contemporary and modernist aesthetics to create sculptures that have an almost anachronistic feeling to them. Working as an artist since the 1960’s, Hardy’s style has evolved yet has retained a very distinct sense of self.


An abstract bronze sculpture from the 1980'sForms of the Mouth, bronze

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, Hardy’s works tended to use raw, industrial materials like wood,…

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Headlines: Slashed Painting, Brad Pitt, Radiohead

1) Art Supply Sales Jump Thanks to Large Protests

Anti-Trump protesters making signs in Brooklyn


A recent report has indicated a jump in art supply sales throughout major cities in the United States, thanks mainly to the increase in large-scale protests following the election of Donald Trump. According to the report, the week prior to the International Women’s March on January 21st saw a 33 percent increase in sales of poster boards and a 42 percent increase in sales of foam…

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Kinetic Lenz: Art by Len Millward

Summer Afternoon


Len Millward has been creating works of kinetic sculpture since 1968, when he discovered the practice as part of his studies in Art Education at Colorado State College. Len’s “Kinetic Lenz” works take the form of videos and stills filled with refracted rays of colored light.


A still of Len Millward's kinetic lenzUntitled (still)


Len’s video works leave the exact nature of the kinetic device ambiguous, focusing instead on the imagery that it…

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Studio Sunday: Polly Morgan

A photo of Polly Morgan at work in her studio


This Sunday, let’s take a look inside the home studio of Polly Morgan. Morgan is a sculptor based in London. Taxidermy animals form the basis of Morgan’s sculptures, which tend to have a surreal yet allegorical sense about them.


Morgan’s studio might seem a little unnerving to some. As much of her work revolves around the medium of taxidermy, her studio is at any given time, full of animal remains. Morgan has a number of…

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