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Sharp, Distinct, Sounds by Aaron Gallant

Saints Row IV Sound Design Demo


Aaron Gallant is a California-based sound designer working mainly in video games, though he has previous experience working in film and television. Aaron crafts sharp, distinct sounds to evoke a variety of objects, settings, and tones.


Sound Design Challenges video


It’s interesting to look through Aaron’s portfolio just to see how a sound-based portfolio can function alongside visual…

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Atmospheric Sounds: Art by Matt Parker

Reflections on Collection, sound walk and audiovisual guide for the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (video and words by James Lewis)


Matt Parker is an audiovisual artist and composer from the U.K. Parker’s works frequently focus on background sounds and noises that are made by working machines. His interest is in the sorts of atmospheric sounds that can’t be heard unless the listener is searching specifically for them.…


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Data Translation: Artwork by Ryoji Ikeda

Supersymmetry, 2014 promotional video


Ryoji Ikeda is an artist from Japan who uses sound, light and digital elements to explore data translation and human perception.


Ikeda's  works are almost exclusively in black and white, and frequently come in the form of huge projected screens, big enough to cover the whole wall of a gallery space. Many of the artist’s pieces are installations that rely on audiences interacting with and…

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Headlines: Sound Art, Ai Weiwei and Instagram

The album cover for Matt Parker's the Imitation Archive


1) Historic Computers get Rebooted as Sound Art


If you haven’t already come across it, sound artist Matt Parker has created an ambient electronic album entirely from recordings of the functional sounds of very old computers. The computers are housed in the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park. The album, titled The Imitation Archive, is available for download by donation on Bandcamp.


2) Ai Weiwei Flies the Coop…


A photo of Ai Weiwei taking a photo of himself at an airport

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