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Bizarre New World: Photography by Joeann Edmonds Matthew

A manipulated photograph of a grassy mountainMT TAM-Planet Earth

Photographer Joeann Edmonds Matthew seems to create a fascinating and bizarre new world in each of photographic manipulations. Drawing from a mixed background in psychology and graphic design, Joeann creates multidisciplinary images that defy categorization.

A photo print of saturated red flowersRED HOT SUN FLOWERS


I love looking through the images in Joeann’s portfolio – the sheer breadth of subject matter here is enough to give pause, with…

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Saturated Surreal Photographs by Joeann Edmonds-Matthew

A manipulated photo of a flame emerging from a structureFire in Progress

Our featured artist today, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, creates saturated surreal photographs of a variety of subjects, including animals, architecture, nature and more. An emerging artist, Joeann has recently moved into a full-time photography career after spending time as a makeup and wardrobe artist for film and video production.


A stretched and distorted photo of a building exteriorElephant in The Room

As an artist located in the San Francisco bay area, Joeann’s works…

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Parallel Worlds: Photo Manipulations by Michal Karcz

A digitally manipulated photo of a broken road under a strange architectural structureSpiritual Archives

Photographer and digital artist Michal Karcz creates parallel worlds through his surreal photo manipulations. These artworks are often inspired by music, movies and dreams and have a great science-fiction or fantasy feel to them.


Karcz manipulations are quite impressive – he manages to blend the real with the digitally altered in such a way as to make the two barely distinguishable from one another. In his photos,…

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Painting with Photography: JeeYoung Lee

A photograph of a woman playing in a room filled with giant legosGamer, pigment print

JeeYoung Lee is a Korean artist who makes a practice out of painting with photography. Rather than taking photographs of existing scenes, Lee dreams up bizarre, imaginative, images and sets which she then builds and photographs. The result is like getting to look inside the artist’s dreams.


A photo of a young woman almost hidden in a dreamlike set of lily padsResurrection, pigment print

I love how Lee places herself in all of these photographs, essentially making them…

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Strange, Ghostly Works by Irby Pace

A photograph of an electric blue puff of smoke floating in a gardenFloirstics

Irby Pace makes strange, ghostly works that seem like scenes straight out of one’s dreams or nightmares. Pace creates his works by looking closely at everyday objects and machines, figuring out how things work and exploiting these processes for aesthetic and conceptual interest.


A digital print of a photo of the sky replicated four timesMulti Sky, archival digital print

In one of Pace’s most recent series, clouds of coloured smoke invade photographs of various locations,…

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An Artist's Visual Poem for a Moon

A man and the moon on a shore


“Private Moon is a visual poem, telling a story about a man who found the Moon and stayed with her for the rest of his life” Leonid Tishkov


Here are some photographs that should wake up the romance in your creativity. Photographer Leonid Tishkov travels the world creating these surreal photos with his unlikely companion, the moon. When I look at these photos I feel inspired by their mood. To me there seems to be a permeating…

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