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Odist Tattoo: Heather Lefebvre's Art Portfolio

A tattoo of a gauntlet holding a strange daggerUntitled

Heather Lefebvre of Odist Tattoo creates artworks dealing with a variety of subject matter, from the dark and macabre, to the familiar. The artist’s tattoo work includes a range of animals and objects in colour and black-and-white.

An upper-arm tattoo of a shark and other wireframe shapesUntitled


As we saw in our previous feature of Heather’s work with occult and animal imagery, the artist’s portfolio of personal artwork has a satisfying sense of cohesion. Many of the images…

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Custom Tattoo Designs by Gas Pedals Tattoo

A custom tattoo by Jessie GrantTattoo by Jessie Grant

Gas Pedals Tattoo is a tattoo shop located in interior British Columbia. Tattoo artists Jessie Grant, Kerri Lynn and Kitty Pickles specialize in custom tattoo designs – each offering their own unique artistic style and preferred subject matter.

A tattoo of a tigerTattoo by Kerri Lynn


I like being able to view each artist’s portfolio on the Gas Pedals website, and to compare the different styles and aesthetics that are…

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An Experimental Approach: Art by Erin Burge

An abstract painting using thick splashes of paintUntitled, acrylic on wood panel

Erin Burge is a Kelowna-based tattooer and visual artist. In her visual art practice, Erin takes an experimental approach, combining media and style to create images that range from straightforward black and white portraiture to colorful abstractions.

An artwork combining a portrait with abstracted paintingJess, acrylic and graphite on canvas

In our previous features of Erin’s realistic tattoo portraits we’ve looked mostly at the artist’s ink designs.…

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Attention-Grabbing Ink: Tattoo Art by Brian Joubert

A photo of a peony flower tattooed on someone's armMike's Peony

Brian Joubert is a Kelowna-based tattoo artist. Brian creates intricate drawings, often in black and white, translating them into colorful, attention-grabbing ink at the specification of his tattoo clients.


A drawing of a heart-shaped rose by Brian JoubertHeart Rose


I’m quite fascinated by Brian’s drawing style – it’s very illustrative, and stylistically unique. Each of the images seems self-contained, floating in the negative space of the page at large, and…

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Headlines: Stranded at Sea, Tattoos and Ink

1) Artist Trapped Onboard Bankrupt Korean Container Ship

The Hanjin Geneva container ship mapped off the coast of Japan


A Vancouver artist is stranded on a container ship off the coast of Japan, along with the ship’s entire crew and several hundred containers. Rebecca Moss, a 25-year-old artist, was selected as artist-in-residence for 23 Days at Sea, a residency project sponsored by Vancouver’s Access Gallery. Moss boarded the ship, The Hanjin Geneva, on August 23rd, expecting to cross the…

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Occult and Animal Imagery: Tattoos by Heather Lefebvre

A tattoo with  a woman wearing a fox's headUntitled

Heather Lefebvre is a tattoo artist based out of Kelowna, BC. The artist creates a range of unique designs in both color and black and white, combining geometric elements with flowing occult and animal imagery.

A tattoo of two swallows, one on each armUntitled

Based at Odist Tattoo in Kelowna, Heather works with her clients to create a wide array of different designs, while still maintaining her personal style throughout her portfolio. With subject matter ranging from…

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Detailed Custom Ink by Vince Parsons

An arm tattoo of a skull with a flowerSkull arm

Kelowna-based tattoo artist Vince Parsons creates detailed custom ink for clients at Pharaoh Tattoo Studio. Vince’s tattoo portfolio includes a wide range of subject matter, and the artist’s style is versatile enough to cover everything from realistic black and white portraits to bright, cartoon-inspired designs.


A front torso tattoo of a heart with wings in lineartNeo-Tradittional Heart

Skulls and floral motifs feature prominently in some of the newer works on Vince’s…

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Talented Tattoo Artists at Gas Pedals Tattoo

A forearm tattoo of a realistic foxUntitled, tattoo by Jessie Grant

Today we’re featuring all of the talented tattoo artists at Gas Pedals Tattoo in Kelowna, BC. Each artist in the shop has their own unique style, allowing clients to choose the best artist to suit their design and imagination.


A tattoo of a clock placed among several flowersUntitled, tattoo by Kai Saunders


A screen capture of Jessie Grant's portfolio on the Gas Pedals Tattoo websiteJessie's portfolio on the Gas Pedals Tattoo website

On the Gas Pedals website, each of the shop’s three artists has their own portfolio,…

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Realistic Tattoo Portraits by Erin Burge

A mixed media painting of a blue magnolia flowerBlue Magnolia, acrylic and graphite on wood panel

Today’s featured artist is Erin Burge! Erin specializes in realistic tattoo portraits, working both in colour and in black and white. Erin recently set up a new studio space in Kelowna, BC, where she creates tattoos of variety of subjects including realistic animal portraits.


A screen capture of the front page of Erin Burge's

A photo of a half sleeve tattoo of a koi fish and lotus flowersKoi and Lotus Tattoo

Erin began tattooing in 2007 at Gas Pedals Tattoo in Kelowna. In her…

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Saturated Ink Designs by Brian Joubert

A tattoo of a butterfly with one wing on each thumbButterfly, tattoo

Today we’re featuring tattoo artist Brian Joubert! Brian works at Gas Pedals Tattoos in Kelowna, BC, where he creates colorful, saturated ink designs for his clients.


The subject matter of Brian’s tattoo s varies from client to client, but florals and animals seem to be among his favorites. The tattoos often feature vibrant blues and greens and seem stylistically influenced by traditional Japanese tattoo designs.…

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Divine Line Art: Tattoos by Anastasia Proudnikova

a drawing of a mermaid sitting in an underwater sceneUntitled

Anastasia Proudnikova is our featured artist for today. Anastasia works as a tattoo artist, as well as creating her own original art and photography which is available on her webpage.


A composite image of several black and white tattoosUntitled


A screen capture of Anastasia Proudnikova's tattoo websiteAnastasia Proudnikova's online art gallery -

Rather than a traditional commercial tattoo studio, Anastasia has a studio set up in her home, where her tattoo clients can have their design done in the utmost…

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Personal, Original Artworks by Gas Pedals Tattoo

A tattoo featuring a stylized owl holding an hourglassUntitled

Today we are featuring the work of several artists rather than a single one. Gas Pedals Tattoo, located in Kelowna, BC, showcases the skill and expertise of their staff on their webpage: In the studio, artists Jessie, Brian, Kerri and Erin create unique, stylish tattoos for clients who want personal, original artworks.


A black and white tattoo of a stylized owlUntitled


Gas Pedals Tattoo's business

Looking through these portfolios, it’s a…

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Bright, Expressive Tattoos by Vince Parsons

A forearm tattoo of a stylized switchblade surrounded by flowers and skullsUntitled

Tattoo artist Vince Parsons works with both realistic and cartoon-like imagery to produce his bright, expressive tattoos. His works range from small and highly detailed single images to entire scenes complete with text pieces.


Vince Parsons' tattoo websiteTattoo examples on Vince Parson's website


A forearm tattoo of a stylized snake wrapped around a daggerUntitled

At Pharaoh tattoo studio in Kelowna, British Columbia, Vince works with his clients to create one-of a kind tattoo designs, often in brilliant,…

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Inspiring Tattoo Art by Erin Burge

arm tattoo of goldfishKoi Goldfish Sleeve

Today we are featuring the work of tattoo artist Erin Burge. Looking through her online portfolio, I see many examples of an artist who enjoys both the sheer celebration of colour, and a practiced realistic drawer.

painting of the quill of an arrow and splashes of colorHeaded in the Right Direction, acrylic and graphite on wood panel

Erin’s paintings are often partly abstracted, and many use of splattered, paint and large, loose brushstrokes. These abstractions, overtop…

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