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The Art Portfolio of David Robilliard

A painting with hand-painted text reading "Get Off My Back Will You"Get Off My Back Will You, acrylic on canvas

David Robilliard is an artist based in London. A self-taught artist and poet, Robilliard often combines image and text in his works, with each language informing the other.

A painting with a small figure and a hand-painted poemNature of the Beast, acrylic on canvas


I like the way the artist gives equal weight to image and text in his pieces. The artist uses a lot of negative space and tends to draw in a kind of naive style, scrawling text…

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The Encaustic and Calligraphy Portfolio of Michele Barnes

A wax painting of some red jellyfishRed Jellyfish, encaustic

Virginia Beach artist Michele Barnes is trained in encaustic and calligraphy techniques. Her portfolio encompasses these, and other artistic techniques, such as plein air painting and bookmaking.

An encaustic painting of an underwater sceneBlue and Red Jellyfish, encaustic


I’m taken by the incredibly vibrant colors that Michele achieves through her encaustic works. The artist tends to favor plant and animal subject matter, and scenes from nature –…

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Headlines: Rothko Chapel, Indiana, LOVE

1) Rothko Chapel Vandalized With White Suprematist Messages

The Broken Obelisk at Rothko Chapel in Houston


The Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, was vandalized last Friday in an apparent hate crime. According to reports, at some time late Friday evening an unknown vandal splashed white paint at multiple locations across the grounds, and left leaflets reading “it’s okay to be white.” The paint was poured into the Chapel’s reflecting pool -- close to The Broken Obelisk, a…

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Talent for Typography: Art by Rose Jackson Taylor

A rubber stamp carved into the shape of a giraffeIris the Giraffe

Rose Jackson Taylor is based in South London, England, where she creates typographical art and design, including custom rubber stamps. The artist’s talent for typography carries through poetry, chalk signs, and more permanent inked or stamped lettering.

A custom stamp with tags made using the stampNNT Alumni Dinner


I really enjoy the fresh, modern aesthetic of the works in Rose’s portfolio. Though her stamps may be intricately carved, the imagery seems very…

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Concrete Poetic Images: Art by Kristin Leigh Calhoun

A text art piece combining the words Presence and AbsencePresence/Absence, ink on Thai kozo, parrafin

Kristin Leigh Calhoun works with text, manipulating words and letterforms into concrete poetic images. In some works, the focus seems to be on the conceptual meaning of the words, while in other works Kristin takes a more visual, formal approach, examining the aesthetic appearance of words and letters.

A text art piece combining the words self and doubtself Doubt, ink on handmade Hamada Kozo, parrafin


I’m enjoying looking through…

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Novel Meanings: Art by Emma Lehto

A cut paper artwork made from an issue of Newton's IllustratedCollage 1: Helmut Newton's Illustrated: No. 1, cut paper (collage)

Emma Lehto is a typographical artist based in Vancouver, BC. Emma often creates her works using a reductive process, cutting away portions of ubiquitous found texts to create images with novel meanings.

A detail of a cut paper work made from an issue of a magazineRejected: Playgirl Magazine #2 (detail), cut paper, paper sculpture

I’m enjoying Emma’s works in which her exacto-knife cuts are guided by the shapes of human figures,…

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Headlines: MetroCards, Linda Nochlin, Halloween

1) Linda Nochlin Dies at 86

A photo of art critic Linda Nochlin


Famed feminist art critic Linda Nochlin passed away on October 29th at the age of 86. Nochlin was known in particular for her 1971 essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” which had a large hand in opening the doors for contemporary art and artists to question the patriarchal personification of the artist as an aggressively macho, tortured man. In this Vulture article, fellow critic Jerry…

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Typography and Poetry by Rose Jackson Taylor

A chalk rendering of a quote by AristotleChalk Quote

Featured artist Rose Jackson Taylor has a background in English, lending to her works that explore typography and poetry. Rose approaches her art practice from an illustrative and design standpoint, creating linocuts, drawings, chalk typography and other work that’s easy to share.


A linocut design of a Super 8 film cameraSuper 8, linocut design

I like the way that Rose combines a playful, poetic sensibility with her typographic techniques. Some of the…

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Studio Sunday: Gilbert and George

A photo of sculptors Gilbert and George working in their studio


Gilbert and George labelled themselves “living sculptures” when they began working in the late 1960’s. The artists’ career, while they have maintained that they are sculptors, is arguably an ongoing performance, with the artists adopting a very specific, high-class style of dress and affect, and creating works predominantly about themselves almost exclusively in the form of drawings, photo-works and printed text art.  The…

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Firey Poems by Robert Montgomery

A black and white photo of letters on a wire frame burning16

Another artist who uses text as his primary medium is Robert Montgomery. Robert’s text pieces are generally displayed in public and often feature longer blocks of text, devoid of punctuation, that tend to read as lengthy, shouted rants as much as they do complex poetry.


While the content of Montgomery’s messages is an undeniably important part of the work, I really adore his “fire poems.” These works are poems as well, made…

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Studio Sunday: Lawrence Weiner


A photo of Lawrence Weiner in his home studio


Lawrence Weiner’s studio is located inside of a multipurpose building that the artist himself constructed with the help of his wife. The building, which replaced the artists’ house in New York (which was demolished for the purpose) boasts eco-friendly green roofing, several different work spaces, and a living archive.


The studio is not overly large, but it is bright and, as seen in the photograph above, has a mirrored wall…

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Text Projections by Jenny Holzer

A photo of a poem projected onto a body of waterArno, projection

Jenny Holzer is an important figure in modern art, specifically in the area of text art. Most of Holzer’s work is very conceptual in nature, and rather than presenting her audience with an image to think about, she presents them with a phrase that may be somehow referential, or philosophical, prompting the viewer to think critically and try to unravel its meaning.


My favourite iteration of Holzer’s work are her…

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Charming Typographical Work by Rose Jackson Taylor

A series of rubber stamps with a hat, mustache, glasses, and bowtieesGents Stamp Set


Rose Jackson Taylor is an artist originally from Wales. Having studied English in college, I can certainly see the influence her background has on her art. Rose creates charming typographical work in the form of rubber stamps and chalk designs, as well as writing poetry all of which can be viewed and read on her online portfolio.


A typographic wedding invitationSheen Wedding Invitation


Website screen capture of drawings by Rose Jackson TaylorRose Jackson Taylor's gallery of drawings on her website…

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Curated Art Collection: Text Art

text collage of the word wasAmended: Snicket, Lemony, "A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning" HarperCollins: New York, 1999, mixed media. Emma Lehto

In this month’s Curated Collection, I have brought together a selection of text-art. The works in this collection will sometimes incorporate text into an art piece such as a painting, or use text as their primary medium. The works in this collection are by Emma Lehto, Jeffery Newman, Judy Southerland,…

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