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Fanciful Custom Hats by Fifilabelle

A photo of a model wearing a floral garland hatFloral garland

Fifilabelle founder Fiona Menzies designs and creates fanciful custom hats. Currently based in London, England, Fiona creates her hat designs on a commission basis, helping customers put the finishing touches on formal outfits of all varieties.

A hat designed for a young girlA little girl's hydreangea hat


I love the variety of designs to browse through on the Fifilabelle website. Fiona’s designs range from simple and elegant to more whimsical, and…

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Studio Sunday: Miriam Schapiro

A photo of Miriam Schapiro at work in her studio


Our Studio Sunday feature this week is Miriam Schapiro. Born in Toronto, Schapiro later moved to the United States to study art, later becoming a noted textile and collage artist and a proponent of the Pattern and Decoration movement, an art movement which sought to legitimize craft art within the fine art sphere.


Schapiro is known for her “femmages” – paintings and collages done with an eye toward a feminist aesthetic.…

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Elegant, Referential Forms: Art by Anne Garwood Roney

A photo of two decorative gourdsTwo "pottery" gourds

Anne Garwood Roney uses her artistic practice to explore appearances found in nature, distilling the shapes of plant life and natural phenomena into elegant, referential forms. Using found fabric and a wide range of other unconventional materials, Anne reframes familiar objects, allowing viewers to see them in a new light.

An assembled work with fragments of a grapevineGrapevine Calligraphy I, grapevine segments, found display box


While in our previous feature…

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Wearable Objects: Art by Sophie King

An embroidered feminist messageStop Blaming Women for Men's Inadequacies, hand-embroidery on a hoop

Textile artist Sophie King works with hand embroidery techniques. King produces artworks – often wearable objects -- that acknowledge views of textile art as a traditionally feminine practice and explore the potential strength and utility behind it.

A rose with the word BYE embroidered on itBye, hand embroidery on roses


Many of King’s recent works use embroidered text to directly call out problematic or…

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Studio Sunday: Robin Kang

A photo of Robin Kang in her studio space


Studio Sunday artist Robin Kang is a sculptor and textile artist based in New York. Kang uses traditional textile techniques like weaving, sewing and quilting to produce art objects that combine futuristic patterning and aesthetics with time-honored techniques of production. The artist is originally from Kerrville, Texas, and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Kang’s Brooklyn studio looks cozy and businesslike. Being a…

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Tech Couture: Art by Angela Dale

A photo of a woman modelling a futuristic dressChameleon, model: Tessa Grenier, photo: Chuck Szmurlo

Angela Dale is a costume designer and textile artist who creates works of tech couture. Combining traditional sewing and garment-making techniques with innovative additions like light-up accents and digitally-rendered patterns, Angela’s practice gives us a glimpse into the future of fashion.

A photo of a woman modelling a futuristic fashion designElectrolove, model: Alexia Day, photo: Chuck Szmurlo


I like looking through Angela’s…

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Costuming and Collage: Art by Julie McIntyre

A photo of a textile artwork by Julie McIntyreChildren's Purse, laser prints, assorted papers, millboard, ribbon, grommets, glue

Julie McIntyre is a textile artist and resident artist with the Vancouver School Board. Julie uses her chosen medium in interesting and innovative waves, combining costuming and collage to make art objects that are part sculpture, part tapestry, part photo album.

An artwork made from a combination of textile and laser printer photographsShopkeeper's Pages, laser prints on linen, assorted papers, thread, and 2 snaps on wallet



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Psychedelic Wearble Textiles: Art by David Faulk

A painting of a combination bird and pyramid figureWings, gouache

David Faulk is a mixed media artist and costume designer who creates works of bizarro pop-art and psychedelic wearable textiles. David’s paintings tend toward flat, saturated color planes and simplified, almost naïve-style figures.

A photo of a pair of surreal platform shoes worn by a performerBlue Platforms


In our last feature of David’s surreal pop-art, we looked mainly at the artist’s paintings. I really enjoy the way these works combine a very contemporary cartoon style…

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Functional Textile Art: Karenza T. Wall

A handmade purse created from scraps of fabricpurse, embroidered, appliqued, distressed cotton with strap hand-knitted from embroidery floss

Vancouver artist Karenza T. Wall creates work under the studio name Chindi Nation – Chindi being a Hindi word referring to scraps of fabric. Drawing on her Indian heritage, Karenza creates works of wearable and functional textile art.

A handmade fabric pendant on a necklacependant, cotton embroidery floss on wool commercial felt


I love how Karenza uses color with total abandon…

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Spun Cotton: Ornamental Artworks by Fascia Berlin

A spun cotton ornament made to look like a girl holding a snowflakeSilver Snowflake, natural cotton batting with silver glitter

Artist Fascia Berlin works specifically with spun cotton, creating intricate ornaments that toe the line between sculpture and textile art. Fascia sells many of her pieces through her website.


A springtime angel made from spun cottonStanding Flower Angel


Spun cotton sculpture is a technique originating in 19th century Germany, in which threads of cotton are wound tightly around an armature to create shapes and…

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Felted Fabric Creations by Valerie Johnson

A photo of two felted chicken sculpturesGuinea Hens, felted P-clay sculptures

Valerie Johnson has lived all over the United States, and is currently based in Virginia. The artist makes felted fabric creations under her studio name, Flying Cow Creations.


A wall-hanging felt artwork of a fox and a rabbitFox and Bunny Tea Party, wet felting and needle felting with stitched details


Working with her chosen soft and colorful medium, Valerie creates artworks in a number of different styles, ranging from large sculptural…

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Painting With Thread: Art by Anya Doll

An artwork by Anya Doll made from various fabricsCourage, textile collage with lace, fabric threads, ribbon and yarn

Anya Doll began her artistic practice working in acrylic paints, but has since moved on to basic her practice around an interesting textile technique - what she calls painting with thread. Originally conceived as a way of expressing and reconciling differing or difficult experiences, Anya’s textile style creates works that warmly colorful with a deliberate sense of…

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Craft-Based Techniques: Art by Alison Lang

A purse made with wool appliqueWool Applique Purse

Alison Lang is based in Michigan, where she works with a range of textile-based art forms. Alison’s body of work has a cohesive, strongly rustic aesthetic that emphasizes the artist’s hand and traditional craft-based techniques.


A handmade fiber doll of a mountain manMountain Man, doll


Alison’s works range in appearance from two-dimensional wall hangings to handmade dolls. I find the artist’s dolls quite intriguing. Though they all seem to…

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Free Spirit Designs: Art by Maday Delgado

A quilting project with a black and white geometric patternNews are not News

Maday Delgado is a textile artist and art educator. The artist creates custom quilt art with a focus on sustainability and learning. Through the studio Free Spirit Designs, Maday helps teach others how to create beautiful objects and long-lasting keepsakes.


A quilting project by Maday DelgadoReatreat Design (wall hanging) - Nancy's Notion Store, Beaver


Maday creates quilts with a contemporary look, showcasing neat abstract geometric patterns that…

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Painterly Images in Fabric: Art by Lisa Lackey

A textile artwork made to look like a paintingIn the Shadows 1, fabrics, thread, and embroidery floss on canvas

Textile artist Lisa Lackey creates works that blur the line between craft and fine art. Often utilizing sewing and embroidery techniques, Lisa creates detailed, painterly images in fabric.


An embroidered and sewn artwork by Lisa LackeyGotcha!, fabric and thread on canvas


In one recent series, In the Shadows, Lisa showcases a watercolor painting that she’s “translated” into a work of textile art by sewing…

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