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Set Pieces and Props: Art by Andrea Buckle

A photo of a painted bluejay carvingUntitled

Andrea Buckle has combined her own distinct visual art practice with a career in film and television, using her artistic skills to build set pieces and props for a range of productions. Andrea’s portfolio also extends into decor, renovations, and photography.

A photo of a public artwork in the form of a carved eagle in a treeUntitled


I like how the artist is able to maintain a distinct style through such a varied and far-reaching portfolio. In our previous feature of Andrea’s assemblages…

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TV, Film, and Commercials: Acting by Mo Davis

A headshot of actor Mo DavisUntitled (headshot)

Mo Davis is an actress who has worked in TV, film, and commercials. In her various roles, Mo showcases a broad range of personas, and has a great ability to blend into a character, finding a unique voice with each.


Acting clip


In her acting clips, Mo’s artistic range can clearly be seen. She plays characters that range from quirky oddballs to hard-edged professionals, in various situations. With only minor…

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