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Your Dream Easel: The Santa Fe Easel II

Best Lyptus Santa Fe Easel II


It really is a beautiful thing! This is my ultimate dream of an art easel! When you go shopping for an easel there are so many things to consider and this easel, dreamy as it may be, isn't for every artist.


The Santa Fe easel is designed for artists working on large pieces and can accommodate canvases that are 106" high. The feature of the double mast secures your surface at two point rather than one so there's no chance of slight…

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An Artist's Strategies For Change


Artist's strategies for change


It's really easy to fall into a rut as we all know. As artists there will be patterns that we gravitate toward that become increasingly difficult to adjust. If we don't make a break for it we'll be stuck accomplishing the same tasks over and over again. Here are some artist's strategies for change.


Pick your target


Pick a target. But here's the thing - you have to pick the thing that you have been meaning to do for a while. Perhaps you've…

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Using A Mahl Stick For Extra Painting Control

Painting of figure using a maul stick


The mahl stick is a traditional tool for painting that helps the user to keep a steady hand while they paint. It's very handy for creating areas of detail that require precision and control. I find that a tool like this becomes valuable when doing long sessions of detail work. In my experience I have reached the point, in these long sessions of pain-staking work,  where I have had to hold the wrist of my painting hand with my other…

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The Best Canadian Art Supply Websites

Opus Framing and Art Supply website


#1. Opus Art Supplies 

I used to work here!! So many memories. I can say first hand that this place is like a candy-store for artists. You can order a huge range of art products from these guys and have them shipped right to your studio. They also have a group of personel that can take your order by phone if you prefer. Check out their great selection of how-to videos and pdfs to get inspired on your next project. Here is a great…

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Copic Markers - Best Markers Ever? Check Them Out.

copic markers


Copic markers - have you heard of them yet? In some design industries these are a household name and they have a cult following of artists and comic artists and other creative professionals. They aren't cheap! Nor should they be. Calling them a marker puts them in the category of the half-dried pens that work for a little while and then let you down quickly. But Copic. Oh so different! Check out this in-progress work by Alex Bodnar…

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Art School: Deciding if It's for You - and Making the Most of it.

What about the matter of art school? If you want to get into an artistic career, how can you be sure that going to art school will be beneficial to you and the way that you work? Or – if you have already gone through art school, how can you make your education continue to work for you?


A photograph of the exterior of Toronto's OCADU


Be a Self Starter.


Many other university programs lead directly into jobs, but there is a huge amount of options for what you can do with a…

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Rubylith and Masking Film: Awesome Tools For Stencils and Masking

Masking film


Masking film is a sheet of plastic with light adhesive on one side. It is a wonderful tool for stencilling or creating resists for your painting projects. Most frisket films will adhere to most porous surfaces and are ideal for gesso'd canvas. The smoother your surface - the cleaner your edge will be.


Many artists use masking film in their process when they are using a drawing on the surface they are painting. For example, the…

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Masking Fluid (Aka Frisket or Misket )

example of masking fluid


Masking out areas of a painting can offer interesting options and help create unusual styles. One of the popular methods for masking an area of a painting is by using a product referred to as masking fluid or sometimes called frisket or even sometimes misket. 


The masking fluid is most commonly used by water colour painters and it's basic function is to mask areas of the paper that the water colour painter wanted to maintain as…

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Paying the Bills: How to Work to Support your Art Career without Squashing it

When you first start out as a professional artist, you shouldn't expect to support yourself solely on your artwork. Once you have a solid body of work you can apply for grants, but what if you are right at the beginning of your career and want to see where it takes you before you apply for a formal project grant? A part-time job that allows you to set aside time for your art will be ideal in the mean time.


A job with flexible hours is…

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