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Advice for Approaching a Gallery and Getting Your Work Shown!

So you’ve been dreaming about having your work shown in a gallery – how do you go about making that a reality? There are a few different things you can do.


1) Get Organized!


Even if you've never had a formal show before, the gallery needs to see you as a professional. Make sure you have a well-organized portfolio for your work – if you're approaching the gallery in person, it's always a good plan to have a few top-quality…

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Which to Choose: Canvas, Panel, and Paper


Canvas, panels and paper for artists

Some reasons you might choose PAPER:


You want to feel less precious about what you are making.

You want the end product to feel like less of a solid object.

You want to paint in thin, watery layers.

You need that bumpy texture of "rough" surface paper.

You want a cheap surface to do some fast and expressive pieces that are a bit experimental - You'll probably throw some of them out.

You want an incredibly smooth surface for fine…

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Shiney Fun: Gold Leafing

painting made with copper leaf

"Declaration" by Rebecca Chaperon 2011

Gold leaf has a historic place in painting as it was often used in painting icons and illumiated manuscripts. The reflective quality flashes as you move your position to look at it. Though some people still use actual gold leaf most artists use a composite metal that looks gold. You can also purchase metal leaf in composite silver, real silver and copper. In my painting above I used copper leaf to…

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Synthetic Vs. Natural Paint Brushes

paint brushes


There's often a sea of paint brushes available at any art store. Did you know that some of the hairs and bristles are synthetic and others natural and that they each have distinct properties?


In some cases the synthetic brushes are obvious, the plastic strands are a bright white colour. On the other hand some of the synthetic brushes have dyed plastic fibres so they look quite natural. The dye breaks down the surface of each…

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Working In Multiples: Creating A Painting Series

blank canvases on the studio floor


Sometimes it's wise to work on multiple pieces of art at the same time.  This practice can help you manage time that will be taken at the later stages of a painting. It can help you create a very cohesive series of paintings as well. Here's a few tips to get you started.


1. Plan which sizes you are going to work on and buy all the canvases at once. Over estimate the amount that you might need by at least one or two. This way you…

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Golden Open Acrylics: Enjoy More Time Before Paint Dries

Tube of Golden Open Paint


Golden Open Acrylics are an amazing line of acrylic paints that offer the acrylic painter a longer time to work with paint while it's wet. They are called "Open" which refers to the open time in which you have to manipulate the paint before it dries.


You can mix them with other acrylics but I wouldn't recommend it since the paint will dry faster. When I first used them I mixed them with regular acrylics and found myself in a…

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Mastermind Your Social Media Output With Hootsuite

hootsuite logo
Hootsuite is an incredible tool for posting content to your social media. It can save you time and help you gain control and organization over your social media presence. Social media can creep up on you to the point where you feel you spend way too much time on it or can never seem to make time for it. Hootsuite is like a digital lasso - keeping it all together and giving you a better chance at keeping it updated on the regular.



Create Interesting Effects Using Colour Shapers!

colour shaper tools for applying paint


You may be wondering just what is a colour shaper? These are incredible tools that have a handle that looks similar to a paint brush. Instead of bristles or hair you'll find a flexible silicon end. Colour shapers come in a vareity of shaped tips from wide and flat to a pointy taper. They are usually more expensive than your average brush but I have had mine since I started art school - they last a very long time! If you keep them…

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Turn Process Upside Down: Producing Art By Removal

person erasing an area of a drawing


If you want to mix things up in the studio you can try processes that deal with careful removal rather than careful application to create your image. This reversal can shake things up and help you to build awareness about your art in a different way wether it's technical aspects of an image or the overall message/mood of your images.


range of tones from black to white


One of the simplest ways try out the removal process is to cover a large area of paper with…

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Creating Image Transfers Onto Acrylic "Skin"

series of acrylic gel skins with image on them


You can create an image transfer onto an thin sheet of acrylic paint that we call a "skin". Rather than transferring an image directly onto the surface this will allow you a different way of playing with the placement of the "skins". In this way there is a collage element to your process when you use this method of transfer.


Your image can be photocopied or lazer copied - these types of reproductions have the right kind of toner…

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Create Acrylic Image Transfers Directly Onto Your Art Surface

painting acrylic medium onto a wooden surface


Creating an image transfer with acrylic paint is a simple process that can add interesting dimensions of collage to your work. This mixed media technique can also speed up your art making process!


Your image can be photocopied or lazer copied - these types of reproductions have the right kind of toner that works well for transfers. Some magazines may work but it depends on the method of printing so results may vary. * Your image…

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How to Create a Crackle Finish on Your Artwork

crackle texture with paint colours


Crackle finish can add an interesting effect to your art and can be used to create either a bold or subtle texture depending on your preference. Golden Crackle Paste is a whitish paste that can be applied in a thick or thin application.  When applied in a thicker application the cracks will appear larger and when applied in a thinner application they will be finer. 


Golden Crackle Paste 

1. Golden Crackle Paste is white and…

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Make Artwork Faster: Use Stencils!!

stencil art image of a stag


Stencils are an amazing tool for painters. You can use them in a very complex way or a very simple way. One thing is certain, they aren't just for crafters and street artists. The speed at which you can create a body of work with the use of stencils is enough reason to start experimenting!


I urge you to create your own stencils rather than purchase premade ones ---otherwise it may be pretty easy for someone to copy your artwork!…

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Student vs. Artist Quality: What to Know When Buying Acrylic Paint

Student versus artist grade paint


Many of you have wondered: what exactly is the difference between student grade and artist grade paint. Here's the skinny on why you might choose to pay the big bucks on paint or opt for the economical version.


Student grade paint, as the name implies, is often recommended to students. It's great for practicing painting and you can buy many colours right away without paying too much. Artist grade paint is very high quality paint.…

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