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Art Material Safety: Inhalation, Ingestion and Absorption

illustration showing inside of body


If you have ever wondered about the safety of some of the materials that you are using in your art practice? Let's open up the topic so you can be better informed. Here are three ways to raise your awareness about safety in the art studio. There are three ways you can be exposed to toxins and irritants in art material:


1. Inhalation - inhaling fumes or particles through the mouth or nose into the lungs

2. Absorption - by touching…

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How to Save Money on Your Taxes as a Canadian Artist

money falling from the air


Many Canadian artists have done their taxes in the past few months and not claimed back their expenses. Well there is no time like the present to start your path to saving more on your taxes next year : ) I learned about what I could save by finding an accountant who happened to work with quite a few artists and knew the ins and outs of what I could claim. After the first year of doing my taxes with him I had a much better…

4 Bonuses of Developing Different Bodies of Art Work

photograph of an apple and orange that has text overlaid that says creating variety

Some artists shy away from creating distinct bodies of work. Worried that their fans may get confused or that they won't seem consistent. As artists we are born to explore, so why not develop a variety of methods and mediums within your practice? Here are 4 bonuses of developing different bodies of artwork within your art practice.


1. The freedom of exploration and experimentation. You can try switching to a different medium…

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Is Your Art Organized Digitally?: Take The Quiz on Computer Clean-up For Artists

illustration of computer  with the words organize me on the screen


Things get out of hand with managing image files and then when you need to send a gallery a jpeg of an art piece they are interested in you can't seem to find it. We would all rather be at the studio, so we tend to stop drop and roll with the rest of the artist-life's tasks. 


It hard to say where you might fall with organizing your computer so here is a little quiz to help you shed some light on the situation.


1. The last…

Front-loading Frames: Perfectly Modern Finishing Touch

painting of black geometric shape in a rainbow winter scene


I recently framed some work for an upcoming art show in L.A. . The work is rather modern feeling and has great geometric elements which lends itself well to a simple frame rather than an ornate one (in my humble opinion). The pieces are on canvas so I decided to use a front-loading frame - which means that the art is dropped in through the hole at the front of the frame rather than through the back. 


This means that you can see…

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The Benefits of Making it Bigger: Scale Up the Size of Your Work

small water color artwork of an iceberg with a ruler beside it to show scale


So recently I created 3 versions of virtually the same painting. Why? No I'm not crazy!  I did three sizes of pretty much the same painting because the small version was so interesting and it basically then served as a preliminary study for a larger piece on paper. Once that was complete I wanted to see how it would translate onto canvas and on an even larger scale. 


So what can you gain from this practice? 


1. The…

Engage Your Community With Your Art

drawing of a woman on a wooden table with many pencils and pens sitting in jars in the background

How do you engage your community with your art? Outside of the gallery setting you may need to get creative with your approach but the reward will be that you can engage people who wouldn't go to gallery exhibition because they don't have time or aren't comfortable at that type of event. I was fortunate enough to be invited to hold an event at a local arts and crafts shop that sell a wonderful array of illustrated books that are…

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Consider Working With Art Rental Programs

painting of Mona Lisa holding a for lease sign


Art rental programs are often offered at larger art galleries and museums. And yes it's a great way for people to hang art without purchasing it. However, these programs also give people the opportunity to fall in love with the piece that they have rented and purchase it. Then the program usually takes a commission and pays the artist. What these programs also do is make art more accessible to people with the option of changing…

Get Some Useful Artist Role Models: For Living Proof of Artist's Success

wooden letters that spell ROLE MODEL


It's easy to make lofty role models of famous dead artists. And though this practice serves to inspire us as artists they are far removed and can't be reached on their pedestels. It's imperative that we find proof of artistic success in people that are not so out of reach. Trust me when I say that this will help you kick your own butt as an artist. To see someone as they take steps towards their success will help you take your steps…

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How to Stay Digitally Organized With Your Art

computer with smily face on the screen and text that says woohoo


On a regular basis you have to keep your art images organized in your computer for quick access and to ensure that you are backing up all files of your art. Here are a few quick tips to help you tackle what may have become a bit of an artist's computer disaster. 


1. Organize by Year : Create folders for your work by year which you can then organize into sub-folders for different series and projects.


2. Within Year Organize by…

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Pop-Up Art Shows: the DIY Approach


photo of an art gallery


Have you ever thought about having your own art show? Over the years "Pop-up" Art shows have been gaining popularity and momentum. All you need is a temporary space and someone present to "gallery sit" your exhibition....most of us have experience in many of the other aspects that we might normally rely on the gallery to provide but here are some things to consider to make your show a success.


Find A Space:

Secure a space for a…

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An Introduction to Shipping Your Paintings

card board boxes with the word ezArtShipper on the side of them


At some point in time you may need to ship your art - this can be a bit nerve-wracking to consider and sometimes holds artists back from reaching for international opportunities. So let's take a look at how you can ease into the experience and eventually become an informed and happy shipper!


To Crate or Not To Crate:


Especially when the shipping artwork of high value you may want to look into the idea of building a wooden crate…

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