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Art Sales: In Pursuit of the Red Dot


photograph of art with text overlay that says in pursuit of the red dot
Whether you are selling art from your studio or nervously mingling at your gallery opening red dots aka sales are a welcome sight for most artists. I dedicate many of the articles on Artist Run Website to helping artists understand their business and what they can do to improve it. Not all artists care about getting sales. So this article may not be for you. But for many of us it is an essential part of the creative cycle. We create…

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Back to the Drawing Board: 3 Reasons to Get Back Into Drawing

drawing of woman with big eyes and frizzy hair

An original drawing to be included in my Eerie Dearies Special Edition Book package.

As a painter I don't actually draw much but I'm going to be honest - I hit a wall and art creation of paintings has been happening at a slow pace. Well by slow I mean that there is a certain type of work I want to be making but that work in particular is developing SLOWLY. To remedy my impatience I'm going back to drawing. My situation aside though I…

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Google Hangouts For Artists

artist working on two paintings


Wanna hangout with the artists you have gotten to know via social media like Facebook etcetera - exchange encouragement and share achievements and advice? Google hangouts are cheaper than a plane ticket and catching on with creatives looking to connect to each other. This is a great way to connect with people and simple to use. You have to have a Google+ account to use it and add people on there first : ) 


There is a little…

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3 Dynamic Ways to Install Artwork


large artwork hanging above a couch


Artists need to know about dynamic ways to hang, exhibit and install artwork. Whether you are helping a client install some artwork in their home or wanting to try a different approach to gallery hanging. I've gathered a few of these ideas here - I hope they inspire you!


1. Wall Colour: If the artwork is large and a determined focal point of the room you can try painting the wall a complimentary colour to the painting like in…

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Part 2: Words Are Your Friends - Describe Your Artwork's Mood and Character


handwritten words on two pages of paper


Do you dream of captivating potential clients with descriptions of your artwork instead of boring them to death - at parties, social gathering, and chance encounters? This post is part 2 in a series about learning to describe your art work better. In part 1 we discussed romantisizing your description in Part 1: Words Are Your Friends - Describing Your Art Using All 5 Senses. In this post we are going to look at how to describe…

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How to Hang your Art on Center

artwork hanging above a couch

Have you heard of the term for hanging work "on center"? It's a standard height of hanging art that is used by many galleries. If all the works in the exhibition are hung with their center at this height it will promote a sense of continuity even if size and shape varies quite a bit! To be clear about this method - it means that the middle of the picture is at 57" up the wall from the floor. Why 57"? It has been long used as the average…

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10 Super Useful Art Exhibition Reminders


empty picture frame


Getting ready for an exhibition of your work is no walk in the park! There are so many things to remember that I'm sure to forget something each time. I put together 10 reminders of items that I risk forgetting when I have an exhibition. If you are working with a gallery then they may take care of much of this for you but there will still be a few things to remember!


1. Level

It's not very accurate to eye-ball the artwork for…

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Part 1: Words Are Your Friends - Describe Your Art Using All 5 Senses


words spelt with big letters


There are so many ways to describe your work to others which is why it might be hard to answer the question that swiftly follows polite, introductory chit chat "So what kind of art do you do?" And yes it would be easier to just pull out your Iphone and scroll to your website but that's sorta jumping the gun and can make people ill at ease. Also, even thought you are just trying to be practical - people might think you are an…

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Secrets to Art Sales on Kickstarter: Artist Echo Chernik Shares her Knowledge Part 2 of 2

Echo Chernik's Swan. Nude woman with wings, surrounded by swansThe image above titled "Swan" is work by Echo Chernik that is only available by Kickstarter.

Do you want to know the secrets to art sales on Kickstarter? Artist Echo Chernik has been kind enough to tell us how she has managed to make it work for her in a recent interview. You may want to take notes as Echo shares the secrets of art sales on Kickstarter - there is some amazing insight here. Most of the Kickstarter campaign's for Echo's…

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Women Art Wine: Hosting an Art Studio Visit

Rebecca Chaperon in her painting studio


women | art | wine


I recently had the pleasure of entertaining some guests from Women Art Wine, fantastic new organization that hosts studio visits with artists and helps connect female artists with female collectors. These types of groups are a phenomenal way to connect with people in the studio, giving them the opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable and casual setting. It is a remarkable way to have a direct connection with potential…

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Tips for Networking at Art Events

people in an art gallery


Networking at Art Events can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:


1. When you arrive at the event don't gravitate toward the person that you know right away. Strike up conversation with someone you don't know and stick to the plan of meeting some new people.


2. Ask a few questions to engage people and then shut up and listen. When you ask another question or add a comment try to use their name - it will…

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Price Points For Artwork

restaurant menu


So you have great artwork and are getting recognition, now you just need sales..but it can be slow and bills don't pay themselves so what's a gal to do? One thing you can consider is creating a diverse range of art price points. Think about a menu with a range of items that suit people's individual needs. If someone can buy something from you at a low price point or a high price point then you are serving a wider audience. This gives…

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10 Rules For Nurturing Creativity by Sister Corita Kent

art department rules


I recently discovered this list of 10 rules that are about nurturing creative spirit. Reading over them made me contemplate my practice and areas where I could "round" myself out as a creative person. Which of these rules are familiar to your practice? Which are the most foreign to your creative practice? These rules were created by celebrated artist and educator Sister Corita Kent and popularized by the phenomenal artist, composer,…

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Understanding Art Collectors


The mind of the collector


It took me a little while to learn about art collectors and their relationship with the artists that they collect. Art collectors are a special type of person, and they are near and dear to the hearts of most artists. There are many casual art collectors out there but there are also those who collect work all the time. It's like breathing for them. Many collectors are very conscious of building a collection that will be passed on…

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Do Art Every Day: The Daily Art Projects


The letter 'a' drawn in an artistic style

Art by Brandy Masch


I've been noticing in my various social media feeds that there is a huge daily art project movement by artists to create art projects where, for a period of time, they create and share a new piece of art everyday. Generally these tend to be small works that are built around a theme. These projects are a really healthy way to generate excitement and interest in your work. You may do it for a month a year or…

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