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Maybe All You Need Is 1000 True Fans To Support Your Art Career

1000 true fans


If you don't aspire to be an art celebrity but you still want to be "successful" as an artist then the theory of 1000 true fans might be of interest to you. But first of all let's just talk about success. Success is a weird thing. It varies for each person and can be based on so many different measurements. Is my artwork getting better - showing more of the skill and knowledge that I have acquired? Am I able to support myself…

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Be Prepared for Success: The Distribution of My Illustrated Book Eerie Dearies

Photo of books stacked on top of each other on shelf


Even when I was nearing the completion of my illustrations for my book Eerie Dearies I couldn't imagine it being distributed. I kept my head in the present and refused to hope for future recognition  in case something went wrong. In the past month I have really had to accept that it's out there and try to make myself ready for what that means.


When you get your art out there - whether it's a publication of paper or online you…

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Clearing A Path For Your Creativity with Morning Pages from The Artist's Way

Photo of hand with pen writing with text reading Creating A Path For Creativity


The Artist's Way is an amazing book by Julia Cameron that offers creative people a number of exercises that inspire good creative flow. Today we are taking a look at the simple and powerful exercise of writing morning pages. All you do is get up in the morning and write three pages of the thoughts running through your brain - with the mission to empty your head so that you can be refreshed at the beginning of your day and have a…

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Creative Block Book is Awesome

Photo of art supplies with book titled Creative Block
Woohoo! The Jealous Curator has put out a book and (check out the pic below) I got my hands on one! If you don't know about The Jealous Curator you have to check it out
here. It is a blog which features awesome artwork by artists from all over the globe. The new book is called "Creative Block" and it's worth it's weight in gold. This book offers insight via interviews with 50 artists. At the end of each artist's section the artist…

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Confident Artists: Be Weird and Own It

Photo of text If you're going to be weird, be confident about it


Artists get a bad rap sometimes. Dismissed as weirdos by a public that is often terrified to express themselves. I think the best way to counter the fear is with confidence. Don't present your ideas with shaking hands and wobbly steps. Own it. We work hard to express our ideas so when we present them to people we have to become confident artists.


In order to be outwardly confident you need to do some inner work. Try writing as an…

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Fail First and Succeed Later: Art Risk and Reward in 3 Steps

image with text by winston churchill


Are you stuck in an art "rut"? Are you making the same type of work over and over again? Perhaps you feel pressure to stick to a certain style, size, medium, subject matter. This pressure may be caused by the outside influence of good sales on this work. Maybe you fear that the work is what you feel you are "known for" and to change might alienate your fans? You might be 100% content with what you are doing and if so - keep on…

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Twitter Tips For Artists

illustration of Twitter bird with paint brush

Many artists have opened a Twitter account at one time or another and then happily gone back to only posting their art updates on Facebook anyway. Why does this happen so often? I think the reason is because many people don't know what the benefit of using Twitter is. It certainly is a different animal than Facebook! So let's delve into some tips for artists on Twitter.


1. First step is to start by following people who interest you -…

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Google + Artists: Why I'm Giving Google+ A Second Chance

Rebecca Chaperon web page 

Artists are raving about Google +. So I thought I'd take one for the team and try to get into the spirit of things. I'm reluctant to do so. If you've signed up for Google + and then not set foot back there since - then you're probably like me. I'm resistant for three reasons, though I'm giving it another college try.


1. Facebook has trained me to use it's service and so why would I take the time to learn something new. As far as I…

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Taking Stock: Art Inventory Count

Illustration of hand with pen with text INVENORY

Tax time is approaching and so we will be comparing our art sales income to that of previous years. Many artists look at their annual income but how many of us are breaking down the data to really pin point whats going on and without that specific data how can we really understand our successes? The word accounting makes us weak in the knees. You know what term I really love? Crunching numbers. Don't get me wrong I have no love for…

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Celebrity Art Match

Can you match the artist with their art?


Did you know that Hitler was a painter who failed to get into art school after applying not once but twice? Check out this awesome quiz where you can match each of these images to the celebrity who created them. The famous people above are Adolph Hitler, James Dean, Eve Plumb (Jan Brady), Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Sylvester Stallone, John Wayne Gacy, Katharine Hepburn, Tony Bennett, Bill Maher and David Bowie. 


"It's not that unusual…

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Monoprint Your Art with the Gelli Plate

Photo of Gelli printing plate


I was offered a Gelli Plate by my local art supply store to test out the product and later demonstrate it for their customers. It has been a while since I have used any printmaking techniques and once I started using the Gelli Plate it all came back to me, the excitement of lifting the paper off of the plate to see what had been created, the fact that everything is backwards from how you see it while you are working on the plate! I…

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3 Ways to Add Something New to the Conversation

Photo of text framed on the wall


Have you ever seen a work of art that makes you think " Dang, I wish I had made that!" followed by the urge to actually create something similar? Don't sweat it, it's a common plight and totally normal. In fact it's great to celebrate the artists who make the work that you love such as the adoration blog by The Jealous Curator, an artist who posts about artists she's "jealous" of. You can check that blog out here. So how do you make…

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Art Life Balance - Part 2 of 2: Diet and Exercise

woman lying next to painting on studio floor
Can you relate to this image? The photograph above is by artist
Carrie Schneider whose images show artists resting in their studios. When we artists get close to meeting our deadlines for art projects we tend to turn the pressure up and can stop nuturing ourselves with sleep, nutrition and exercise.


In part 1 of this 2 part series I introduced the idea of planning out exercise. The same should be said for nutrition. Without a plan…

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Pinterest Rocks For Artists - Part 4 of 4: The Student has Become the Master

Pintrest Wizardry: Level four
If you have been following my past three posts about becoming a Pinterest wizard you are probably already having a great time on Pinterest as you share your work and interact with other Pinners.


This post is the last post in this series and I want to impart some of the gems of information about promoting and organizing using Pinterest.


1. Pin items that are in line with your artwork's style or subject. Having separate boards that…

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