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Art Life Balance - Part 1 of 2: Diet and Exersize



So you have a deadline and you are working your butt off. The nights at the studio have become later and later and as you burn the candle at both ends all balance in your life disappears. Any exercise routine you had or careful diet you followed has gone out the window as you grab coffee after coffee between creative production sessions. Also the toll of late nights leads to craving any foods that give you that instant "Ahhhhhhh!"…

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Artist Run Website: 2 Tips for How to Organize Written Content for your Online Portfolio


Screenshot of artist website


While looking through artist's online portfolio websites of some of the members of Artist Run Website I have come across many different ways that artists handle organizing their content. Here at Artist Run Website we aim for simplicity paired with visual elegance which is why you will find a menu that is two levels deep instead of a zillion (sure it's a number : ). You might be all-to-familiar with websites that have menus that…

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High Flow Acrylic Paints: I'm Addicted.


I love spending money on art supplies. I actually don't have buyers remorse for art supplies ever! My new obsession that is sure to drain my bank account is Golden's new line of High Flow Acrylic paints. This product is like the perfect storm for me as I love watercolour painting and the nature of acrylic paint. Acrylic paint as my medium of choice dries fast enough that I can start working on my next layer will little delay and it…

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Getting Your Art Posts Seen on Facebook

Facebook ad for art posts with blue birds 

There has been a mighty amount of grumbling from artists about Facebook not showing their art posts in the Facebook feed of the fans who follow their page, or what is referred to as a "drop in reach". I hope this article will provide a little insight about how to be critical about your content so that you can learn what posts will get seen and your art gets shared!


First off, let's understand the nature of the beast shall we?…

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Rich Input for Ideal Creative Output

input output processing focus storage memory learning


As an artist the quality of the material that inspires you is so important. In other words, providing your brain with a good quality and quantity of mental input will help your creative output immensley. Let's think about this in a more concrete way: if you wanted to create an art project or series based on greasy-spoon diners you'd probably be best suited to find the greasiest diner in the neighbourhood and go take photos. You could…

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Pic Monkey is Your Friend

framed water-color painting of an iceberg


Psssstt! Over here! I've got a secret to tell you and you are going to love me for it. Wouldn't it be great if you could edit your photos quickly from any computer, whip up some slick little exhibition ads or email your client an image of your art so that it looks like it's in a frame? I have recently started to use an online photo editor called Pic Monkey and it can do all of that!  It's really simple to use. Oh and it's free. Joy!…

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What Time to Post on Social Media

Computer screen with chat bubbles and social media icons

Being strategic with your social media is having your cake and eating it too. I encourage you to use multiple forms of social media at key times to remind people that you have created a new series of paintings etcetera. To get this exciting new work out there people need to be reminded and to have that information present in their day-to-day. I started my day today with an email reminding me about a an art show tomorrow night. I'll…

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How I Stayed Organized While Illustrating My Book

Rebecca Chaperon Eerie Dearies


Last year I created 26 illustrations in the form of 8" x 10" acrylic paintings for my new book that is released fall 2013, called Eerie Dearies. In this volume, you will find an A to Z of 26 bizarre and darkly humorous ways to miss school. 


When faced with the daunting challenge of finding time to create these 26 images for the book I quickly ascertained that some serious organization was in demand.  Luckily I had discovered in…

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Creatively Showing Scale in Documenting Your Artwork

Rebecca working on a painting


The work is done, finishing touches are complete, and you are happy with your new piece of art. Documenting artwork is the last thing on the list. Whether you hire a photographer or photograph the work yourself this is often a last step in a long process and the photos can be pretty straight forward - hmmm...maybe even a little bit boring. We artists aren't to blame - our creative juices tend to need time to replenish, but here are…

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