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Beware the Art Scam

theft of Mona Lisa


Stay savvy my artist friends! There are a few scammers out there who target artists via email. Knowledge is your weapon though so here are some tidbits and a link to examples of scam emails that will keep you on your toes in case someone tries to pull a fast one on you.

I haven't come across any of these scams personally but was grateful to have the opportunity to read through the examples so that I can be better prepared. You can…

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Colour Perception

Color bar test


There's only so much we can control as artists and this would be one of those things: not everyone perceives colour the same way. This means that people will see your artwork differently to each other and to you. I stumbled upon this cool little colour test on the internet where you can test your ability to differentiate between colours. It was fun and I was convinced I was going to get a perfect score ( but didn't). Here's the link…

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Be Critical To Avoid Critics

frowning faces


Sometimes it's hard to put a finger on why no one is responding to your artwork. If you have been creating work for a while you will have had that experience of looking back on old work and seeing the flaws and understanding the issues. It's much harder to do this with work that you are currently making, we are just too close to the project at hand to see the mistakes we might be making.


I recently read an article on Red Lemon…

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Turn Your Art Upside Down

Upside down painting of Mona Lisa


Sometimes when I am mid way through working on a painting and something is not working I'll often find that I'm tilting my head to the side, trying to get a different angle or perspective. That why when I read this article from Fine Art Tips I knew it was worthy of sharing with you. Here are a few points about why you may want to turn your art upside down to try and get a better perspective:


1. It will force you to perceive the…

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My Hilarious Use of A Fancy Frame - To Save Paint!

Oil paint on an artist's palette


Hello friends, have I got a tip for you today - only if you like to save time and money though! A couple of years ago I received some sage advice from a fellow-painter. He came to my studio and took a long look at my painting "set-up" and suggested that I take some action against wasting paint. I guess I must have had a whole lot of dried paint on my palette at the time - how embarrassing! He advised that I swtich to using something…

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We are in the People Business: Thank-you Cards and Coffee Dates

Thank you card


We artists are most definitely in "the business of people" which is why paying attention to our relationships with people is integral to our success. I have already posted about the "do's and don'ts" of building relationships within your art community in The Soft Approach, but I liked this excerpt below from Steamfeed because it outlined a few specific actions that we can take with our art business in mind (let's do it right so we…

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Fabulous Advice For Blog Maintenance

We've been talking and we all think it's time you updated your blog


You're busy, I'm busy, blogs don't always hit the top of the priority list. I'm not going to get into all the reasons why keeping a regular blog is so important but I will say this: when it comes to consistent would be a lot cooler if you did.

Sharing regular informative posts about your activities will help maintain the relationship with your art supporters. Through reading your posts they will be totally inspired by…

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The Almighty Ensmallulator: Seeing the Big Picture

a painting seen through a magnify glass


Picture this: It's a late night in your petite painting studio. Uncertain about the composition, you step back to get a greater field of vision, and knock over your paint palette onto a freshly primed canvas. Your brain, addled by a day of coffee and starvation, has lost the connection to your body. You respond by wildly flinging your arm out hoping to prevent the disaster and, instead, effectively knock your fresh coffee all over…

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A Way Out of Creative Paralysis

paint on a hand


It took me a little while to realize this, but prepping canvas has always been a great way for me to ease myself into a new series.


Beginning a new artwork series can be a nebulous cloud of anxiety and excitement: What will I do and how on earth will I do it ? The options are endless and seem to stretch out before me in an endless tirade. It’s overwhelming to say the least, and in this state it's quite common that I'll find many…

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Give Clients Food For Thought: What They Want To Know About Your Art

woman looking at an artwork


I remember a friend showing me how to scan my images at art school. For convenience sake, he quickly titled the files while we worked. He came up with them on the spur of the moment - they were funny and quirky and revealed much of what I knew of his personality (he is a very funny guy).   These titles changed the feeling of looking at the images and offered a new way to connect with the work.  This valuable experience showed me…

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Wait! Don't Throw Out That Paint Brush...

Brush cleaners & restorer


OK, I'll shamefully admit that I used to gleefully abandon old, crusty paint brushes. Visions of buying brand new brushes (in all shapes and sizes) danced through my head. Buying new art materials is always fun, isn't it? However a case can be made against this attitude:


A) It's not kind to the environment.

B) It's a waste of cash.

C) Those brushes aren't dead yet.


Artists are some of the most practical people I have ever met.…

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Be Super on Facebook

Outline of superman shirt

There is nothing worse than having great images for your Facebook page, but having the dimensions all wrong. Getting it right will keep your Facebook presence looking super sharp and professional. You can even get into Photoshop and create a cover photo that highlights multiple artworks. If you are prolific, this will have quite an impact.

Here is a quick guide from that will help you sort your images out…

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