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Impossible Objects: The Art of Zhestkov Studio

Maxim Zhestkov produces work with partners and collaborators under the umbrella of Zhestkov Studio. The studio’s artworks often utilize digital techniques to create futuristic impossible objects that defy the physical limitations of a gallery space.

A still from an animated film of a digital bubbleOptics (still)


Much of Zhestkov’s recent work involves 4k animation, with animated objects often laid over images of gallery and museum spaces to help foster a more realistic, tangible…

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The Kinetic Art Portfolio of Len Millward

Purple Maze


Len Millward is a kinetic sculptor who works with a Kinetic Lenz of his own creation, producing works of video and still images that capture brightly coloured patterns of refracted light. The artist’s works represent a pure exploration into the quality of light and colour.


Extremely Slow Lightning


It’s interesting to browse through all the different short videos on Len’s art portfolio website. Each piece,…

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Esoteric and Visceral: The Art Portfolio of John Douglas

A digitized image of light shining behind an oak treeVolumeric Light OAK

Filmmaker and mixed media artist John Douglas has built up a portfolio that spans decades and is packed with work both esoteric and visceral. John’s works often focus on social and economic issues sometimes in a frank way and other times with undercurrents of meaning that leave the exact message up for interpretation.



I find John’s work with computer imaging and digital modelling rather…

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Personal Narrative: An Art Portfolio by Jaye Early

A painting using bright colors and hard-edged geometric forms5

Jaye Early works in a range of media, including painting, mixed media and performance. The artist takes an autobiographical approach to art-making, infusing both his video pieces and his paintings with an introspective, personal narrative.

An abstract painting covered in strips of pink tape4


I like the way that Jaye uses color throughout his art practice – his paintings, and even his performances to some extent are brightly colored. In paintings, this manifests as numerous layers…

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Partnerships and Communities: Art by Bill Basquin

A video still of a nature sceneField Notes, #1-3, video still

Bill Basquin is a San Francisco-based artist who works in film and video as well as installation art. In his practice, Bill focuses on a meaningful, methodical approach to art making, involving partnerships and communities rather than the artist in isolation.

A still from a video about Death ValleyDeath Valley Love Letter, video still


It’s interesting to see the fragments of video that Bill chooses to make available on his website. Still…

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Introspection and Identity: Art by Jaye Early

A portrait painting with large, blended brush strokesScreen shot 2015-01-12 at 4.17.16 PM

Jaye Early’s practice revolves around introspection and identity, primarily taking the form of paintings and videos. The artist’s subject matter is deeply personal, and oscillates tonally between self-deprecating humour and deep-seated anxiety.


A painting of a face with abstracted featuresUntitled

Many of Jaye’s painted works take the form of portraiture, though the images are highly abstracted. The portraits in question are friendly…

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Studio Sunday: Nam June Paik

A photo of Nail June Paik working in his video editing studio



This week’s Studio Sunday will take a look inside the multiple workspaces of Naim June Paik. Paik was born in Korea and moved to the United States as a young man to pursue his artistic career. The artist grew to fame in the 60’s and 70’s with his innovative work in the media of film, video and performance.


I love the look of Paik’s video editing studio in the above photo. The studio pictured here was in Paik’s home in…

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Curated Collection: Film and Video Art

A video still of a dnace performanceStudio Work, Tanya Lukin-Linklater (Still)

This month’s Curated Collection is all about film and video art. Artists began using film as a medium at the time that it was invented – it exploded as a form of experimental art in the 60’s and has been growing and evolving ever since. Now, with the merit of digital technology, there is even more that you can do with video!


Cube, John Douglas


Ever is Over All, Pipilotti Rist…


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Music Appreciation: The Artwork of Christian Marclay

A photo of a projection installation featuring a close-up hand playing a pianoPianorama, installation

Represented by London’s prestigious White Cube gallery, Christian Marclay is known for creating works that bridge the gap between music and visual art. From an early period when he was still in school, Marclay has experimented using vinyl records and turntables as performance and sculptural materials.


A blue-coloured photo of several casette tapes with the tape pulled outUntitled (Sonic Youth, David Byrne, R.E.M. and Three Mix Tapes),

Some of Marclay’s earliest works are a…

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A Complex and Provocative Portfolio by John Douglas

Cloud Mountain


John Douglas, our featured artist for today, has a complex and provocative portfolio mostly composed of film and video works, and often veering into more heavily conceptual work that defies categorization.


A digitally rendered image of an oak treeOak & City


The front page of John Douglas'

Having studied both art and architecture for a short time at Harvard, as well as serving in the United States army, John has an interesting palette of experiential reference to…

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Artist Creates Video That Reveals Hidden Layers of Objects



Here's an art video/photography project by Laurin Döpfner who used an industrial sander to grind down objects to reveal the hidden layers. The video is created by about 100 different photos. I love that not only can colours and textures be revealed by this process but sometimes tiny cavernous spaces. I am always suprised by these objects as they leave the real world of solid objects as though being slowly absorbed into…

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