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Color-Saturated Compositions: Art by Rayne Tunley

A watercolor painting of a still lakeAfternoon, Canoe Lake, watermedia

Rayne Tunley is a Canadian artist and art educator currently based in Ontario. Rayne’s body of work primarily features watercolor paintings with color-saturated compositions that mimic the liquidity of the medium.

A watercolor painting of an abstracted blue fieldDusk's Kiss, varnished watercolor


The works in Rayne’s gallery of watercolor paintings are fascinating – I’m impressed by how the artist is able to innovate with a medium that is…

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Ghostly Portraits: Watercolors by Graham Dean

A watercolor painting of a figure holding up a digital screenScreen

Watercolor painter Graham Dean utilizes the blotches and washed-out fields created by his medium to produce ghostly portraits and figurative paintings. Combining watercolor techniques with collage, Dean makes images that are imbued with a sense of mystery and wonder.


A watercolor collage of a marathon runner590

The artist produces traditional watercolors with an interesting technique, painting separate sheets of paper with different colors and thicknesses of…

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Focused Still-Life: Watercolor Art by Gary R. Huff

A watercolor painting of a wall lamp by Gary HuffLamp, watercolor on Arches 100% cotton rag paper

Gary R. Huff is a watercolor artist currently located in Culpeper, Virginia. Gary’s paintings are detailed and figurative, usually focusing in on a single subject, creating focused still-life and portrait paintings of a variety of subjects.


A watercolor painting of a stone house in rural VirginiaStone House in Manassas, Virginia, limited edition print

I quite enjoy the way Gary utilizes negative space in his works – even in landscape…

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