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The Art Portfolio of Watercolour Painter Jane Crosby

A watercolour painting of a purple rhododendron flowerPurple Rhoddie, watercolour on cold-pressed paper

Jane Crosby is a watercolour painter based in British Columbia. The artist’s preferred subject matter encompasses flowers and plants from both the coastal landscape and the prairies, as well as still-life imagery, teacups, and other objects.

A watercolour painting of an oregano flowerOregano "Kent Beauty," watercolour on cold-pressed paper

Jane began painting full time after many years spent working in the healthcare sector.…

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Ellen Kappes' Lively Watercolor Paintings

A watercolor painting of a row of trees in front of a body of waterKing's Point at high tide, watercolor


Ellen Kappes creates delicate yet lively watercolor paintings in blue and green hues. As subject matter, the artist favours landscapes, rendering lush green trees in daubed brush marks over deep blue washes as oceans.

A watercolor painting of trees overlooking a body of waterOtter Point surf, watercolor


I like the way that the artist utilizes the medium of watercolor – Ellen doesn’t try to force the thin paint into fine details, but rather runs…

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Bright Figurative Images: Art by Frans Geerlings

An oil painting of a battle at seaBattle at Sea Dutch VS British, oil paint


Frans Geerlings was born in the Netherlands and is now based in Salem, Oregon. In his artistic practice, Frans creates bright figurative images combining oil paint with chalk and pastel.

A painting of a barn framed with barn woodOld Barn, acrylic paint in authentic Texas barnwood frame


I enjoy the way Frans showcases most of his works in frames on his website. The borders add an extra dimension to the works, and make it seem as…

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Subdued Beauty: Watercolor by Wa Truong

A watercolor painting of two goatsTwo Goats in the Mountains

Georgia-based artist Wa Truong uses a traditional style of Chinese watercolor painting to depict scenes from his own life, and his experiences since emigrating from Vietnam to the United States as a child. While Truong’s subject matter varies wildly, his style maintains a consistent sense of subdued beauty.

A watercolor painting of a lazy pandaLazy Panda


The earth tones that Truong selects in the majority of his watercolor painting are rather…

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Marine Scenery and Ships: Watercolors by Steven Lush

A watercolor painting of a yellow sailing shipThe Yellow Ship, watercolor

Steven Lush is an accomplished watercolor artist who specializes in paintings depicting coastal marine scenery and ships. A signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Steven draws inspiration from 20th century commercial illustrations and paintings.


A painting of a sailboat on calm watersBaltic, watercolor


I love the delicate hand with which Steven renders his images. Never does an image in the artist’s portfolio seem overworked,…

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Natural to Ornamental: Art by R. Dale McElwee

A watercolor painting of a fancy goldfishFancy Fish 3

Featured artist R. Dale McElwee is a watercolor painter whose works express a range of subjects, from natural to ornamental. McElwee’s paintings have a great sensitivity to color and tend toward simplified, almost stylized portrayals.


A watercolor painting of a bird's nestUntitled


The artist uses a variety of techniques to achieve images that are incredibly detailed, while remaining slightly soft at the edges. I like these soft edges, and find that they…

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Pastels and Watercolors: Art by Kathleen Contri

A watercolor painting of three spruce treesThree Spruce Trees, watercolor

Based in northern Illinois, Kathleen Contri is an artist who specializes in work with pastels and watercolors. Kathleen’s subjects range from portraits of friends and family, to florals and dreamlike scenes.


A painting of a flowing creek in watercolorThe Nippersink Creek, watercolor

Kathleen’s watercolors and in particular her floral watercolors, are reminiscent of those by Jane Crosby – though rather than painting a single bloom on a…

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Studio Sunday: Gladys Nilsson

A photograph of Gladys Nilsson with Jim Nutt in her studio


Gladys Nilsson is an American painter who is associated with the Hairy Who Chicago Imagists, an art group who in the 1960s and 70s opted to created representational art despite the overwhelming industry trend toward abstraction.  Nilsson is pictured here with Jim Nutt, her husband and fellow member if the Hairy Who.


Nilsson’s studio is in her home, and houses her own artwork as well as artwork by Nutt and a few other artists…

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Watercolor Animal Paintings by Lisa Baechtle

A watercolor painting of sea turtles flying through a dreamscapeFlying Turtles, watercolor on 300# paper

Lisa Baechtle is currently based in rural New York, where she creates watercolor animal paintings both of exotic creatures and household pets. Working from a place of intuition and emotion, Lisa’s work captures the personality of each of her subjects.


A painting of a happy dogKipper

Lisa paints all of her works on heavy rag paper which I find lends her watercolor work a sturdier, slightly less delicate sensibility.…

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Mysterious Figures: Art by Boudewijn Korsmit

A watercolor on paper work of abstractionSonglines 2, watercolor and mixed media on paper

Boudewijn Korsmit is an artist and educator who works primarily in watercolor and mixed media. Boudewijn’s abstract artworks focus on deep pigments and hazy, mysterious figures.


A watercolor painting of a deep blue gradientUntitled


I really love the color palette that Boudewijn tends to work with in his portfolio. The basis for his works is often earthy, warm tones of yellow and brown, a decision that lends to an almost…

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Emotionscapes: Watercolor art by Wanda Hawse

A watercolor painting of the interior of a fishing shackFish Shack, watercolor

Wanda Hawse creates incredibly detailed watercolor paintings that she calls “Emotionscapes.” Having lived all over Canada throughout her life, Wanda combines inspiration from 20th-century artists with inspiration drawn from natural landscapes.


A watercolor painting of a winter landscapeFallen, watercolor


I’m quite impressed with the amount of detail that Wanda captures in all of her watercolor paintings. In many cases, the scope of a painting is…

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Sunny Scenes: Watercolor by Travis Poelle

A watercolor painting of two men playing music in a parkPark Song, watercolor

Watercolor painter Travis Poelle uses his medium to depict sunny scenes of urban life. Currently based in New York City, Travis primarily paints scenes of the people and environment around him.


A watercolor painting of people shopping at an outdoor marketSpring Market, watercolor


As in our previous feature of Travis’ work, I’m really impressed by the stunning photorealistic watercolors that the artist produces. Watercolor as a medium tends to lend itself to looser,…

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Detailed, Gestural Watercolor by Sophie Blouet

A watercolor painting of two men in cowboy hatsAux courses, Beaver 3, watercolor on paper

Sophie Blouet is watercolor painter who currently resides in Santa Rosa, California. Originally from Paris, Sophie has spent most of her life honing her skills, rendering her surroundings in detailed, gestural watercolor.


A watercolor painting of two men on horsebackAux Courses, Beaver 2, watercolor on paper


I enjoy the wide variation in Sophie’s chosen subject matter. Where in our previous feature we focused on the artist’s

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Vintage Teacups and Beautiful Florals: Watercolor by Jane Crosby

A watercolor painting of checkered lilliesCheckered Lillies, Rachel's, watecolour on cold-pressed paper

Vancouver, British Columbia artist Jane Crosby has a special affinity for vintage teacups and beautiful florals, which she renders in her highly detailed watercolors. Usually painted in the center of an expanse of white paper, the artist’s floral figures are peaceful and meditative.


A watercolor painting of a pacific dogwood flowerPacific Dogwood, British Columbia, watercolour on cold-pressed paper


Jane’s skill in…

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Traditionally Styled Paintings by Wa Truong

A traditional Asian watercolour of two heronsTwo Herons

Today’s featured artist is Wa Truong! Born in the Binh Duong province of South Vietman, Wa moved to the United States as a child and is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. The artist specializes in traditionally styled paintings that express both Vietnamese and American landscapes and wildlife.


A traditional Asian watercolour of eight horses running through a field8 Horses

A screen capture of the front page of Wa Truong's art websiteThe front page of Wa's website


I love the delicate nature of Wa’s paintings and the colour choices he makes. While the…

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