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Sunny Scenes: Watercolor by Travis Poelle

A watercolor painting of two men playing music in a parkPark Song, watercolor

Watercolor painter Travis Poelle uses his medium to depict sunny scenes of urban life. Currently based in New York City, Travis primarily paints scenes of the people and environment around him.


A watercolor painting of people shopping at an outdoor marketSpring Market, watercolor


As in our previous feature of Travis’ work, I’m really impressed by the stunning photorealistic watercolors that the artist produces. Watercolor as a medium tends to lend itself to looser,…

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Detailed, Gestural Watercolor by Sophie Blouet

A watercolor painting of two men in cowboy hatsAux courses, Beaver 3, watercolor on paper

Sophie Blouet is watercolor painter who currently resides in Santa Rosa, California. Originally from Paris, Sophie has spent most of her life honing her skills, rendering her surroundings in detailed, gestural watercolor.


A watercolor painting of two men on horsebackAux Courses, Beaver 2, watercolor on paper


I enjoy the wide variation in Sophie’s chosen subject matter. Where in our previous feature we focused on the artist’s

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Vintage Teacups and Beautiful Florals: Watercolor by Jane Crosby

A watercolor painting of checkered lilliesCheckered Lillies, Rachel's, watecolour on cold-pressed paper

Vancouver, British Columbia artist Jane Crosby has a special affinity for vintage teacups and beautiful florals, which she renders in her highly detailed watercolors. Usually painted in the center of an expanse of white paper, the artist’s floral figures are peaceful and meditative.


A watercolor painting of a pacific dogwood flowerPacific Dogwood, British Columbia, watercolour on cold-pressed paper


Jane’s skill in…

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Traditionally Styled Paintings by Wa Truong

A traditional Asian watercolour of two heronsTwo Herons

Today’s featured artist is Wa Truong! Born in the Binh Duong province of South Vietman, Wa moved to the United States as a child and is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. The artist specializes in traditionally styled paintings that express both Vietnamese and American landscapes and wildlife.


A traditional Asian watercolour of eight horses running through a field8 Horses

A screen capture of the front page of Wa Truong's art websiteThe front page of Wa's website


I love the delicate nature of Wa’s paintings and the colour choices he makes. While the…

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Innovative Watercolour Techniques by Deborah Carman

A watercolour painting of a young woman wading in the oceanOcean Spray, watercolour on paper

Today we’re featuring the art portfolio of Deborah Carman. Deborah currently lives and works in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where her artistic practice focuses on innovative watercolour techniques. The artist sometimes works by pouring watercolour directly onto her surface, rather than applying it with a brush.


A loose watercolour painting of a woman reclining in a white dressIn Repose, watercolour

A screen capture of the front page of Deborah Carman's


Deborah’s watercolours express a high…

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Tranquil, Hazy Landscapes by Robin Street-Morris

A bright blue, blurred seascape paintingFata Morgana I, watercolour and soft pastel on 300 lb cold press paper

Robin Street-Morris, our featured artist of the day, creates tranquil, hazy landscapes using watercolours and pastels. Robin’s landscapes express remote, secluded regions while attempting to remove human presence and interference.


The Landscapes I gallery on Robin Street-Morris' art webpaageRobin's Landscapes I  gallery

I like the way that Robin reduces each image down to its most basic shapes and colours. Each…

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Stunning Photorealistic Watercolours by Travis Poelle

An acrylic painting of a water tower over some buildings in brooklynBrooklyn Water Towers, acrylic

Travis Poelle is our featured artist for today! Travis paints stunning photorealistic watercolours and acrylics. He has exhibited his paintings in several galleries in New York and California. His paintings can be viewed on his website at


A watercolour painting of people on an urban staircaseColumbus Stairs, watercolour

Travis has an amazing control of the watercolour medium. I’m especially impressed by his human figures. The people…

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Snow and Ice: Watercolours by Lisa Goren

A watercolour painting of a mushroom-shaped icebergMushroom Iceberg, Clayboard, watercolour on clayboard

For today’s feature, let’s take a look at the watercolour works of Lisa Goren! Fascinated by snow and ice, from a young age, Lisa has made several trips to the arctic to further her understanding of her favourite subject matter. She continues to paint beautiful arctic landscapes, challenging opinions of the arctic environment, and of the limitations of watercolour as a medium.…

Lisa Goren's website of whale bone paintings

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Seascapes and Watercraft: Watercolour Painting by BLOUET

A watercolour painting of a large ship at harbourLiberty Ship, watercolour on paper

Sophie Blouet, also known as BLOUET, is a watercolour painter located in Santa Rosa, CA. Originally from France, Sophie took up watercolour painting as a teenager in Paris, where she was trained by Ciree, a French artist and mentor. Now living with her family in America, Sophie’s paintings often focus on maritime subjects like seascapes and watercraft.


A watercolour portrait of a young womanVW, watercolour on paper

I’m always amazed…

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Website profile: 'Floral Forms' Paintings by Jane Crosby

A simple watercolour painting of a pitcher plant on a plain paper backgroundPitcher Plant, Newfoundland, watercolour

Our featured artist today, Jane Crosby, is a master gardener and watercolour painter with an affinity for floral forms.  Jane’s works show a talent for gentle brushwork and smooth, clean lines showing off the curving petals of her favourite subjects.


Flora gallery on the watercolour website of Jane CrosbyJane's gallery of floral paintings on her portfolio page

I really enjoy the way that Jane uses the inherent bleeding qualities of watercolour…

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