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Simple, Sleek Compositions: Furniture by Enrique Morales

A hand-made console table with wood and glass elementsCurly maple, wenge, and glass console table

Enrique Morales is a woodworker and designer who produces beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and art through his studio, Madera Fina. The artist’s creations have a modern aesthetic to them, emphasizing simple, sleek compositions and the contrast between natural wood grain and the more uniform textures of glass or metal. 

A bench made from walnut and metalWanut Angle Finger Joint Bench


I really like the way that…

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The Art Portfolio of Woodworker and Sculptor Derek Bencomo

A wood sculpture made using dynamic abstract shapesTwist and Shout, Hawaiian Milo wood

Derek Bencomo is a woodworker and sculptor based in Maui, Hawaii. In his practice, the artist takes the natural textures and forms of wood, emphasizing these qualities to create smooth, flowing shapes in rich, warm hues. 

A series of sculptures with tall vertical linesFamily

Derek’s works comprise both functional objects and pure sculpture, with many pieces taking on both roles. Sometimes the way the artist follows the natural grain of the wood…

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Reclaimed Wood: Woodwork by Steve Sziklai

A set of three fir charcuterie boardsCharcuterie boards, fir

Steve Sziklai is a woodworker who uses reclaimed wood -- cast off from from commercial manufacturers, found on beaches, or rescued from backyards and basements -- to produce everything from small household objects to furniture. 

A handmade cutting board with strips of different woodMulti-species board, primarily maple and black walnut


Much of the work that Steve produces evokes a warm sense of home -- many simple cutting boards and serving platters are minimally…

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The Portfolio of Vancouver-Based Woodworker Peter Borkowicz

A built-in desk arrangementBuilt-in

Peter Borkowicz is a Vancouver-based woodworker. Using his skill and experience working with a range of wood types, the artist creates pieces of customized furniture that express both contemporary and 19th-century aesthetics.

A detail of an art-deco style cabinetart-deco


I’m really enjoying the look of Peter’s series of built-in desks and shelves. These pieces focus on clean lines and a modern look. Most of the artist’s built-ins are painted crisp white,…

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Natural Colors and Grains: Woodwork by Ken Vick

A walnut rocking chairChair #2 The Survivor, walnut and American cherry wood

Woodworker Ken Vick creates a wide range of custom furniture, specializing in rocking chairs. The artist’s pieces have a sturdy, masculine feel to them, and emphasize the natural colors and grains of the wood.

A handmade heritage baby cradleHeritage Baby Cradle, mahogany with ebony plugs


In our previous feature of Ken’s custom, handmade furniture, we looked at some of the artist’s specialized projects,…

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Unique Pieces of Fine Furniture: Art by Enrique Morales

A console table made from hardwood and glassConsole Table, live edge wenge slab, zebrawood, glass

Woodworker Enrique Morales creates unique pieces of fine furniture for his Vancouver-based shop, Madera Fina Studio Furniture. Enrique utilizes a wide range of natural, unstained wood in his practice, often combining two or more types of wood in a single piece for striking contrast.

A console table made from maple and walnut woodsConsole Table, figured western maple veneer, solid black walnut, glass


I really enjoy the way…

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Movement and Flow: Woodwork by Derek Bencomo

A photo of a piece of woodwork by David BencomoThe Feeling of Movement, 7th View, Hawaiian curly Koa wood

Derek Bencomo currently lives and works in Maui, Hawaii, where he creates works of wood carving and sculpture that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Derek’s style is one that celebrates smooth movement and flow within a static object.

A photo of a handmade wooden vesselCome to me Dancing, Queensland Maple


I really enjoy looking through the 2017 works in Derek’s gallery. The artist does…

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Furniture and Wood Accents by Peter Borkowicz

A modern built-in shelving unitBuilt-in shelving unit

Vancouver-based woodworker Peter Borkowicz specializes in both modern and art deco-style furniture and wood accents. The artist works with a variety of wood types, customizing many of his pieces to work in specific spaces.


A modern coffee table pieceModern coffee table

I really like seeing some of Peter’s more recent works up on his portfolio website - these works include custom shelving units and tables, and all feature exceptionally…

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Custom, Handmade Furniture by Ken Vick

A photo of a walnut blanket boxBlanket Box for Nathan Reade, walnut with curly etimoie inserts

Woodworker Ken Vick is our featured artist today! Ken has over 30 years of experience working with wood to build custom, handmade furniture pieces and rocking chairs.


A screen capture of the front page of Ken Vick's


I’m enjoying Ken’s recent work creating hand-built boxes. Previously, Ken’s custom furniture practice revolved mainly around one-of-a-kind rocking chairs. These newer works…

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Madera Fina Studio Furniture by Enrique Morales

A photo of a handmade free-form coffee table made from natural woodFree Form Center Table, California claro walnut, rosewood

Enrique Morales, the artist behind Madera Fina studio furniture, creates expertly crafted modern furniture from beautiful, high-quality materials. Offering everything from console tables and benches to ornate jewelry boxes, Madera Fina has something for everyone.


A coffee table made from a checkered design of different wood piecesLacewood Coffee Table w/ Drawer Detail, lacewood, black walnut

The custom furniture gallery on the Madera Fina Studio websiteA piece from Enrique's custom furniture gallery


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Eco-Friendly Woodwork by Andelko Oliveric

A coffee table made from 300-year old olive woodOlive wood table

Today’s featured artist is Andelko Oliveric. Andelko creates eco-friendly woodwork in the form of beautiful bowls and furniture, using wood found on the forest floor rather than wood from living trees.


A coffee table with a glass top and olive wood baseOlive wood table

A screen capture of the front page of Andelko Oliveric's woodworking websiteAndelko's website, Oliwoodart

I love the way the artist preserves the look and feel of the wood itself, rather than working it into a highly polished and angular form. His coffee tables often feature…

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Hawaiian Wood Carving by Derek Bencomo

A sculpture carved from Hawaiian Koa woodGift from the Rainforest, Hawaiian Koa wood

Derek Bencomo is a woodworker from Maui, and our featured artist for today! Derek’s Hawaiian wood carving creates beautiful, functional objects and works of art.


I love how the flowing shapes that Derek carves often follow the grain and colouration of the wood itself. The pieces are highly polished and smooth and would look equally at home in an office, living room or gallery space. The…

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Masterful Woodwork Designs by Peter Borkowicz

A large, handmade wardrobe with wood detailingBeidermeier Style Armoir, Mahogany Crotch veneers, Sapeli solids and Veneers, Ebonized Tulip Wood and Aromatic Tennessee Cedar interior.

Craftsman Peter Borkowicz creates masterful woodwork designs ranging from simple spice-racks, to tables, to entire kitchen cabinet sets, all in his own unique yet variable style.


A photo of a round, custom-made dining tableLarge Table

I like looking at the range of different projects that are on display in Peter’s online portfolio. He…

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Studio Sunday: Ken Vick and Michelle Marcotte

A photo of a home studio space with large windows

On today's Studio Sunday, let’s take a look at the home studio spaces of two of our Artist Run Website customers: Ken Vick and Michelle Marcotte. Ken and Michelle recently moved to a new home in Lewiston, NY, where they have set up two beautiful studio spaces, catered to their own respective practices.


As a master woodworker, Ken needs a full, professional level woodworking shop to build his custom furnishings and woodworking…

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One-of-a-Kind Rocking Chairs by Ken Vick

A photo of a handmade mahogany rocking chairChair #1 Hard Work is Rewarded, mahogany

Our featured artist of the day is Ken Vic. Ken is a woodworker who uses his considerable skill and training to create lovely, one-of-a-kind rocking chairs.


Having spent over four decades as a scientist, Ken is now works full time in his workshop in Niagara Falls, Ontario, creating furniture to his customer’s specifications. The rocking chairs that are the mainstay of his production are…

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