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I'm really loving this new artist-run website I came across - best thing ever happened to my art career in terms of being confident about handing out business cards and having my art represented in a professional and beautiful manner on the web. Best thing about this service is you can interact with the designers. They are very responsive to emails and calls - and actively seeks feedback for improvements. The other thing the website looks good no matter what monitor or screen resolution the end user has. Not very expensive, and worth every dime.

— Melissa Ann Lambert, Mixed media artist, Los Angeles, CA

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Merging onto the innerstate by Melissa Ann Lambert
Mixed media

Artist Run Website in an uncomplicated, effective program that makes it easy for an artist, or anyone, to get their portfolio out on the web. It will not take hours poring through a thick manual; Artist Run Website provides quick easy tutorials just when they are needed. In fact, they are always right there, by email or phone, just when you need him.

There are several formats available, and it's possible to switch easily between them, (until you find the one you like). Organizing folders, adding pages, links, even music, is uncomplicated. For a very reasonable fee, you can make your site the way you want it, and you can take care of it yourself!

— Robert Easton, Photographer, Central Falls, RI

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Orange by Robert Easton

I can feel confident that when someone goes to my site they will be impressed by the clean, professional and sophisticated way my work is presented. I love the look of my site...more importantly, I know others do too. It is also very easy to use, updates and changes are really quick!

— Robert Porazinski, Painter, Chicago, IL

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Side Effect I by Robert Porazinski
Oil on canvas

I spent years having to beg and cajole my webmaster (my teenaged son) to make additions/changes to my website. I am finally free from his condescending glances, patronizing attitude, and of course his teenage mood swings. Artist Run Website has liberated me. With it's easy to use website building tools and hosting service, I now have an attractive portfolio site I can add to or modify in seconds. I highly recommend Artist Run Website to anyone seeking freedom from the humiliation of computer ignorance. Bravo!

— David Tycho, Abstract expressionist painter, Vancouver, BC

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Tokyo Rhythms #1 by David Tycho
Acrylic on canvas

Learning to design websites using HTML was not a viable option for me, and having someone do it for me was problematic for a number of reasons. I felt my website was gathering dust and no longer represented my work. Artist Run Website is very user friendly and gives me the freedom to design my own portfolio, and change my design, any time I felt the urge. It has become a creative project unto itself. I didn't have to spend a lot of time learning to do it or trying to explain to a web designer what I wanted. And it didn't cost a lot of money. It is perfect for my needs.

— Jim Friesen, Photographer, Vancouver, BC

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Winter Road by Jim Friesen

A word to describe signing up for Artist Run Website? RELIEF! Web hosting by an artist for artists means added features are anticipated for your needs, along with quick hosting response. I no longer have to take much time away from making art to create and maintain a professional artist website.

— Wynne Palmer, Interdisciplinary artist, Vancouver, BC

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TechnoTartan 1 by Wynne Palmer
Digital print

I am so happy with my website through ARW. I've looked at many templates over the last couple of years and ARW had all the features that I was looking for.

My website is now a major marketing tool for me and the clean design, quick loading and easy navigation are getting rave reviews by my peers, art directors and photographers that have visited.

I would recommend ARW to anyone looking for a completely manageable site at a reasonable rate. , the developer, also offers amazing customer service and has been so helpful throughout the entire process, which I have to say, has been a breeze.

— David Grenier, Food stylist, Toronto, ON

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Cheese Board by David Grenier
Food styling

My website from university was outdated and overdue for a change. I created my new portfolio site with Artist Run Website using my pre-existing image and video files in about 10 minutes. The interface is clean, simple and intuitive. The designers' experience in the art world is evident in the design of the contemporary themes. Best of all is the support.

— Craig Brumwell, Contemporary Artist, Vancouver, BC

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Rail(Senaq'w) by Craig Brumwell
Charcoal on paper

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