Nature's Art Materials: Work by Sarah Martin


Three clumps of cotton and thread dipped into ceramicPorcelain, cotton and thread dipped into porcelain


Sarah Martin goes by the studio name Falling Moss, a moniker which fits perfectly with her use of natural materials, such as unprocessed wood, organic fibres, and even tea leaves. Sarah’s work has a distinctly natural feel to it, and it reflects a desire on the part of the artist to appreciate nature’s art materials.


A clump on knotted linen dyed green to look like a clump of mossLand, rug knotted linen, felted wool, acid dye

Even working under a desire to keep the materials as unadulterated as possible, Sarah manages to come upon some really interesting combinations of media and ways of working. I love her series of ceramic works where she takes a variety of different fabric samples, such as cotton, thread, and felt, and dips them into porcelain, letting them dry into delicate, lacy leaves of ceramic material. In another set of work she takes pieces of wood bark and coats them in gold leaf, stringing them up and letting them hang from the ceiling of a gallery or studio space.


Many pieces of gold-leafed wood hanging from the ceiling in a studioGold Wood, found wood, gold leaf

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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