Explorations of Construction and Materials: Magali Hebert-Huot

A set of columns made from particle board and waxUntitled (Columns), OSB, wax

Today’s featured artist is from Quebec City, Quebec, and is currently living and working in Baltimore. Magali Hebert Huot has a particular interest in geometric forms produced in a variety of materials that would be more readily associated with construction and household projects than fine art.


An image of a stack of wax and particle board squares that create a square columnNave, wax, plaster, concrete, OSB

Magali’s works are brightly coloured, full of simple forms that combine to create visually satisfying vignettes that look like collections of giant candies or toys. This sense of child-like wonder is one side of Magali’s artworks, while on the other hand the pieces are also complex explorations of construction and materials, as well as the associations we make between the two. For example, one work features a set of ornate pillars made out of particle board and wax. Formally, the pillars are of a high quality, but it is the set of materials that makes them seem outlandish, gaudy and even tacky.


More of these explorations of the value we place on form and material are available on Magali’s online portfolio: www.magaliheberthuot.com.


A tall wax stand full of wax crayonsTelltale, wax, hand-engraved crayons

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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