Marker Paper? Yes. And It's Amazing!

Copic Marker Pad
Marker paper brings high-end markers to the next level. To me there is no point in spending a tonne of money on fancy markers unless you have the paper to show them off. I'm a huge fan of using coated marker paper - it has a glossy look and ultra smooth finish. The ink from the markers tends to sit more on the surface of the paper especially before it's dry. Maybe because I love painting I really like that particular characteristic. You can use cardstock-type papers as well but these are two of my favourite marker pads.


The Copic marker pad is made up of smooth, thin, premium paper. It is easy to trace through. 

There will be no feathering and no bleeding which is common with regular paper. This means nice clean lines for your drawings. The paper is coated on the reverse side of the sheet as well so colours won't bleed through even though the paper is so thin. The paper is a bright white.


Bee Paper also makes a wonderful artist marker pad. It's acid free, natural white paper. This 110lb paper is a great choice with excellent erasing qualities.


Bee Paper Marker Pad


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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