Curated Collection: Industrial Design

An electrical outlet attached to the bottom of a car seatArconas In-Power Flex, Joel Yatscoff

This month’s Curated Collection looks at some of the amazing examples of industrial and product design that we have in our Artist Run Website community, and throughout the wider contemporary art and design community. Design is a vast and ever changing field, and designers may create plans and models that fill many different needs. One of the most well known “types” of design that you might hear about is industrial design. This term can cover anything from household electronics, to furniture, to decorative and functional parts of buildings and outdoor structures.


A chair designed to look something like a horseHorse Chair, Satyendra Pakhale

While part of the mission of a designer is to create products and structures that are aesthetically pleasing, the most important part of a designer’s job is to make sure their products function in a way that is efficient, intuitive, and easy for the eventual user. This can be especially important for artists and craftsmen who design for industry, construction and even military equipment.


A design project that comprises a sleek chair with subwoofer speakers embedded in the sideSubsonic Chair, John Greg Ball

In this collection you’ll see works by John Greg Ball, Joel Yatscoff, Enrique Morales, Frank Gehry, Satyendra Pakhale, and Naoto Fukasawa.


An image if several stark, angular benches and chairsBenches, Frank Gehry


An image of a coffee table with an olive wood base and a glass topOlive Wood Table, Andelko Oliveric


An interesting, minimalist, wall mounted CD player
CD, Naoto Fukasawa

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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