Fantastical Layered Paintings by Debbie Arnold

A detailed abstract painting composed of neutral tonesContinental Drift, mixed media on canvas

Our featured artist today is Debbie Arnold. Check out Debbie’s amazing, fantastical layered paintings! I love how each of these works contains so many layers and tendrils of soft colour. They’re mysterious and familiarly dream-like all at once.


A hazy, neutral-toned painting of two horses blending into an abstract backgroundPegasus, mixed media on canvas

Some of Debbie’s paintings use a technique of pouring paint that she calls “flowfusion.” In this process, Debbie pours acrylic paints onto sheets of plastic and then peels the paint off in large, flat pieces of colour and creates collages out of the chunks of dried paint. The result is an interesting combination of flat planes and layers, and the abstract nature of the works allows the viewer to focus on the texture of the paint.


A website screen capture of Debbie Arnold's pour paintingsPoured Nature gallery on

Debbie’s method of producing images requires her to approach a painting from a very intuitive space, not making plans or sketches, instead simply letting the brush, and the painting, guide itself. With the later additions of slightly more planned imagery, Debbie’s works take on a mystical appearance.


An abstract collage made of chunks of dried acrylic paintCascade of Colour 2, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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