Custom Comissioned Paintings by Carmen Estrada

An oil painting of a cross-section of a nautilus shellFlying Nautilus, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Carmen Estrada. Carmen is a sought-after painter in her hometown of Mazatlan, Mexico, and works with clients to create custom commissioned paintings to fit a variety of spaces and decorative schemes.


A painting of a couple walking along a riverside path in a parkParis Rive Droite, oil on canvas

A screen capture of Carmen Estrada's art on her website"Homage to Great Artists" gallery on

The nature of Carmen’s business means that her paintings are almost always a collaborative process between Carmen, the artist, and her clients. Beginning each painting, Carmen will interview the potential client about the space and the kind of subject they would like, and when an image is agreed on, Carmen walks her customer through the entire painting process, from start to completion, allowing the customer an amazing look inside the artist’s painting practice.


Carmen has a variety of different galleries on her art website, all of them focusing on a basic type of painting that a customer might want to request. These paintings range from original portraits, to beautiful renderings of seashells, to recreations of famous works of art, all produced in Carmen’s unique style.


A photo of one of Carmen Estrada's paintings installed in an apartmentOne of Carmen's paintings, installed in a Mexican style apartment

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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