Deep Shadows: Painting and Photography by Jordan Weisenauer

A painting where the subject appears to be painting the background around himselfIvan, Unfinished Series

Today’s featured artist, Jordan Weisenauer, is equally talented in both painting and photography. Jordan’s artworks deal with many different subjects, but the artist seems to have an affinity for faces, pop-cultural references, and a somewhat subdued palette.

A dimly-lit photograph of amateur phootographsUntitled

Many of Jordan’s paintings feature familiar subjects – well – known celebrities, movie characters, and references to famous artworks all appear in his portfolio. Jordan often places these figures in critically charged scenes. In one overtly political painting he recreates the famous painting “Liberty Leading the People” using figures in modern dress, as Liberty Leading the Majority. 


Jordan’s eye for texture and lighting really shines in his photography. The compositions are simple enough, and often close-ups of a single subject or a textured part of an object, but the artist manages to create an air of mystery and intrigue with deep shadows and backgrounds that are just out of reach. Take a look at more works on his art website


A macro photograph of a bright green leaf on a grey and black backgroundPJLeaf

Paintings on Jordan Weisenauer's artist websitePaintings on


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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