Visually Explosive: Art by Jon Duci

A painting composed of several abstracted faces in neon coloursIrrational Portrait, acrylic on canvas-printed photo

Jon Duci is our featured artist for today! Jon’s artwork is a visually explosive combination of dynamic lines, pop-culture references, and the artist’s own signature sense of humour about his works. Using painting, collage, and mixed media, Jon’s style is distinct in each different medium. 


A collage and mixed-media work with several advertising cutouts of faces and signsHERTZ, collage and acrylic on board

A screen capture of the mixed media artworks on Jon Duci's websiteMixed media works on

Jon’s paintings overflow with contorted faces in nightmarish neon colours, divided by lines reminiscent of cartoon lightning. In his drawings, he manages to keep the same level of intensity even without the use of colour, creating expansive spaces of dense pattern that are at once overwhelming, and hard to look away from.


I really enjoy Jon’s collage work, where he creates images that are somewhat reminiscent of old-fashioned advertising, using out-of-context signs and figures to convey a message that is just out of the viewer’s reach. You can view more examples of Jon’s brand of psychological pop-art on his website at


A collaged work that prominently features the word "NO"No, collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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