4 Amazing Art Portfolio Books

Presentation counts for so much when presenting your art portfolio to a prospective gallery or client. It used to be that presenting your portfolio meant lugging a big case that could carry a number of pieces of your original art but these days we are digital. This means that we want to show people high quality prints of our artwork. Sure you can send someone to your website to see your work but it's not the same experience as looking through a nice art portfolio book with someone, and turning the pages while you discuss the particulars of your work.


Here are some examples from professional portfolio websites that create swanky looking options that will make you proud to share your work! Two companies that stand out in this arena are Pina Zingaro & Shrapnel


1. Here is the Bamboo Presentation Book by Pina Zangaro: 

Pina Zangaro's bamboo art portfolio


2. Here's the Pina Zangaro Vista Mist Presentation Book (translucent cover):

Art portfolio presentation book by Pina Zangaro
3. Perforated aluminum art portfolio by Shrapnel

Perforated aluminum art portfolio by Shrapnel
4. Black Bamboo art portfolio by Shrapnel


Black bamboo art portfolio book by Shrapnel


If you are in the market for a nice presentation solution then I recommend that you peruse the art portfolio websites for both Pina Zangaro and Shrapnel. Check out all of the different materials, size options and consider if you would like your logo printed or etched onto the cover as well.


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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