How To Submit Your Art Portfolio To Galleries

submitting your art to galleries


Submitting your art portfolio seems like a simple task at first glance. Then when you sit down to do it it can feel very nebulous, overwhelming and downright frightening! So much so that you can put off the task again and again (I'm speaking from experience) .


Your starting point should be looking at the website of the gallery you are interested in submitting your art portfolio to. Look for an area on their website where they mention how they want portfolios submitted. Some galleries want an email, others a mailed in portfolio. You should abide by the method that they ask for or else you risk getting off on the wrong foot. When you don't follow the guidelines laid out by a gallery as to how your art portfolio should be submitted you send the message that you don't really care about what they want. Not so good right?


Below is a list of the types of items that you should have ready before you begin submitting your work to galleries. Even if you only submit to one gallery and they only need a few of the items listed below it is very professional to be prepared with this information. It may be asked for later if you end up in further communication with the gallery.


1. Biography


2. C.V.


3. Artist Statement for each series ( if you work in series)


4. Medium resolution digital images of 20 pieces.


5. High resolution digital images of 20 pieces ( Submit the lower res images unless otherwise stated, but let them know that you have higher resolution images available in case they are interested in seeing higher detail.)


6. Sizes, titles, mediums and prices of each piece.


7. List of available works vs. sold works.


8. Your contact information, include phone number and email.


9. Studio address.


10. Proposal for an exhibition.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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