Choosing An Art Studio

Studio Wanted
We have all had the experience of moving into a place that didn't end up serving our needs- whether its a home or a studio. For art studios there are specific features to look for that change depending on the nature of the art you make. Here's my personal list of things I look for in a studio for painting.


Good Light

If there's no window it's a bit of a deal-breaker for me. I like to be able to look into the distance to give my eyes a break from "up-close" work. I do love me a view but that can be pricey! My preference is to have windows facing two different directions so that I can get different types of light through out the day. Beware the human mirowave - too many window which you end up having to cover in order to work without sunlight glaring into your eyes.


Hot & Cold

Does the building allow space heaters and have other tenants complained about how hot or how cold the building can get? You can only bundle up or strip down so much! 



Ideally I'd have a sink in my studio room. I'm lazy about cleaning brushes and hate having to use the public bathroom to clean my lunch tupperware!



Do they care if it gets wrecked? I do prefer a non-carpetted option so I can sweep instead of vaccuum.



Can I hang the paintings and pin sketches up all over the walls? 



Is there any constant noise like traffic etcetera? What's the building's policy on loud music?



Is there an elevator? Is it wheelchair accessible?



Will their be issues for me to park my car? Will my clients have troubel finding parking in the area?


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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