How To Create A Digital Art Catalog

PDF of art catalog

Creating a digital catalog of available artwork is an amazing sales tool for artists who want to actively sell their art. In the image above you can see my first page of my digital catalog.  You can change the design of this page to whatever you want but I'd advise that you keep your contact info there.


As you create the following pages you will want to include decent sized images with the follow info clearly indicated for each item:



Year Created




Status ( available/sold)


You can create a PDF via many programs where each page becomes attached in a document that the viewer can scroll through. I used Photoshop to create all the pages separetly and then within Photoshop you can easily save all the pages together as a PDF. Make sure that you number the pages and organize them so that they will be in correct order when made into a PDF. 


Once the PDF is created you will want to compress the file to make it smaller. Otherwise when you send it out via email it may bounce back or take a while for your prospective client to open.


Here's a website that will help you compress the size of your PDF:


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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