Who Are Your Art Mentors


You want heart felt art advice


Have you taken the time to think about who you can go to for art advice? Identifying and creating a list of art mentors it a great strategy for creating your own support system as an artist. It's important to identify who you can trust and for which type of advice. Your art mentors need to be a good fit for you. 


Your art mentors can come in all shapes and form...artists who have been in the community for a long time, or total newbies with a positive attitude who are hip to all the cool new stuff that's going on ...LOL : ) 


A few questions to help you identify this special list of art mentors:


Who do you feel comfortable asking about where to go for documenting your art? Or shipping your art?


Who do you go to for advice about creative issues? For questions about your development as an artist creatively? 


Who do you ask about professional choices that you are making for your art career?


It's important to know that it's not likely that you can get all these questions answered by the same person. The person who will readily give you advice about getting your work documented may give you poor advice about how to proceed with your creative vision.


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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