Your Dream Easel: The Santa Fe Easel II

Best Lyptus Santa Fe Easel II


It really is a beautiful thing! This is my ultimate dream of an art easel! When you go shopping for an easel there are so many things to consider and this easel, dreamy as it may be, isn't for every artist.


The Santa Fe easel is designed for artists working on large pieces and can accommodate canvases that are 106" high. The feature of the double mast secures your surface at two point rather than one so there's no chance of slight rocking motions - it holds the surface in place very well!



This easel is made with Lyptus hardwood which is a sustainable resource with a beautiful colour to it. When your easel is built with hardwood it means that the hardware stays attached well, unlike wear and tear on softer woods that can eventually be worn down by the constant tightening as you make adjustments to how the easel holds your surface.


Santa fe easel back view
In the image above you can see one of the coolest features of this easel is the marine winch on the back of the easel that let's you quickly adjust the height of the painting surface. This is a great feature that makes quick shifts very handy when you switch from working in the middle of the canvas to the bottom of the canvas. Much better than an aching back or having to remove the canvas each time you need to readjust the easel.


In the video below you can get a great idea of all the features of this magical easel:



 It's not a travel easel so you'd do better with light, foldable easels for plein air painting. Nor is a good easel for watercolour painting - for that you need an easel that will tilt flat at sitting height.


It's quite a large piece of furniture at 78" high and extending to 129" and so your studio will need to accomodate this. It's a good idea to check your ceiling height before you make the purchase especially since it is a very expensive easel. The price tag is not for the faint-of-heart as I've seen it priced from $1,000 to $1,700. Yes that will pack a punch to your bank account! But I can see why it's a popular tool and on the wishlist of many artists including myself.

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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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