3 Great Websites to Bookmark For Art News

Hyperallergic website



Do you keep up to date with all of the art news that is constantly beaming out of the art world? I'm a busy gal but here are a few websites that I like to read for up to date art news. Here are three of my preferred art news websites. You can easily bookmark them - follow them on Facebook/Twitter etcetera so you can be regularly updated.


#1. Hyperallergic 

(see image above)

I like this Brooklyn-based art news website because it has a great mix of articles submitted by a variety of writers and they tend to include some fun pop culture. Like this article titled How To Punch A Monet And Get Away With It which touches on a video game inspired by a recent event where a man punched a Monet painting (in reality he was sentenced to 5 years jail time). This site will give you lots of chatting fodder when you run out of things to talk about at that next art opening you are planning to attend



Art News website


#2. Art News

A bit more on the serious side but Art News is trusty and consistent art news website. Art News itself has been around since 1902. They have an entire category called retrospective where they touch on historic articles that they published - sort of mind-blowing!! This is a wonderful site to read art reviews that are succinct and vivid such as this review of an exhibit by artist Cai Guo-Qiang.


Canadian Art website


#3. Canadian Art

For a more national take on art news I can refer to this art news website Canadian Art. I recommend that you find some local arts coverage as well. Canadian Art also has a page for finding exhibitions in different Canadian cities which you can check out here: http://canadianart.ca/exhibitions/  and offers a directory of galleries: http://canadianart.ca/galleries/ . 


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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