The Best Canadian Art Supply Websites

Opus Framing and Art Supply website


#1. Opus Art Supplies 

I used to work here!! So many memories. I can say first hand that this place is like a candy-store for artists. You can order a huge range of art products from these guys and have them shipped right to your studio. They also have a group of personel that can take your order by phone if you prefer. Check out their great selection of how-to videos and pdfs to get inspired on your next project. Here is a great article about how to choose arcylic paint: They also have a blog for community art events etc called Art News.


Deserres art supply website


#2. Deserres

This art supply website is just a nice clean looking online shop from the art supply store that has locations all across Canada.  These guys specialize in a wide range of fine art materials and craft materials as well. I am sort of a sucker for stationary supplies and they also have a great selection of this too. And you can buy feathers here too: I don't receive their newsletter but maybe they have more community related info there as I couldn't find any on their website.


Curry's Art Store website


#3. Curry's 

This art supply website has quite a few perks for the community minded artist. For example you can see a directory of canadian art clubs organized by province. Here are the art clubs located in BC: They also have a whole page of link dedicated to art tips! I like their range of brands.


Happy Shopping!


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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