Performative Process: Art by Lenka Clayton

A set of catalogues by the artist detailing objects taken from her son's mouth63 Objects Taken from My Son's Mouth, limited edition artist's book

British artist Lenka Clayton creates works that play with the everyday, bringing repetitive tasks, chores and habits of the modern world into the sphere of art, in pieces that celebrate a performative process.


A sculpture made up of library books with increasing numeric titles50 Library Books, loaned library books

I like the way that Clayton brings the desire for cataloguing and organization into places where it might not be thought of or needed. Working in many mediums from photography, to sculpture to paint, Clayton seems to focus more on the activity of making then necessarily looking forward to the finished product – though her finished products are aesthetically clean, neat and calculated as well.


In one work, she creates a series of catalogues detailing objects that she has removed from her son’s mouth – creating a clinical, calculated study out of a mundane, fairly universal event. In another, she stacks 18,180 individual pieces of confetti on top of one another. Works like these contain a great sort of manic humour, where the commentary comes from a place of extreme control and a desire for cleanliness and order.


A set of scissors covered completely in wool feltingAll Scissors in the House Made Safer, scissors, wool roving

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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