Strange, Ghostly Works by Irby Pace

A photograph of an electric blue puff of smoke floating in a gardenFloirstics

Irby Pace makes strange, ghostly works that seem like scenes straight out of one’s dreams or nightmares. Pace creates his works by looking closely at everyday objects and machines, figuring out how things work and exploiting these processes for aesthetic and conceptual interest.


A digital print of a photo of the sky replicated four timesMulti Sky, archival digital print

In one of Pace’s most recent series, clouds of coloured smoke invade photographs of various locations, sometimes mundane street-corners or backyards, other times more mysterious forest backdrops. The smoke puffs to me seem almost personified, appearing in scenes in the place of people, or other inhabitants of a space. The bright colours create a non-threatening appeal in spite of the supernatural presence of the clouds.


In another series called Unintended Consequences, Pace presents a series of found webcam photographs taken from laptop floor models in Apple stores. Here the artist presents an important and sobering statement about public versus private, and ownership of images, in a humorous yet very effective manner. Pace currently teaches at 3 different colleges in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, on top of his gallery showings.


An Apple computer webcam photo of a balloon floating toward the ceiling of the Apple storePhoto 5 August 8, 2013 10:34:40 PM

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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