Bright, Bombastic Abstracts by Adam Daily

A painting composed of brightly coloured geometric forms

Saw 5, acrylic on sintra


Adam Daily’s bright, bombastic abstracts are the type of paintings that can catch your attention from across the gallery space! I love the solid, geometric shapes that Daily uses, and the way they fit together, each painting looking like a jigsaw puzzle of big, satisfying coloured blocks.


These paintings almost seem inspired by the more recent works of Bridget Riley, and the focus seems to alternate between covering the entire canvas in colour, and rendering each shape as a unique individual. I also really enjoy the way that Daily purposefully produces these paintings in three different sizes: large, “mid-size” and small. There is an aspect of design to this interpretation, where the artists work functions just as well as large wall-installations in a formal gallery as it does on a smaller scale, matted and framed in an office.


An abstract painting with multicoloured geometric blocksM5, acrylic on sintra

Daily is also known for his work with print and digital media, showcasing his skills in clean design as well as fine art.


A matted and framed geometric abstract paintingS3, acrylic on sintra

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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