Studio Sunday: Susan Rothenberg

An interview photo of Susan Rothenburg seated in her art studio


The studio that we’re looking at today is that of New Mexico painter Susan Rothernberg. Rothernberg’s work has been compared to the likes of Georgia O’Keefe – this is especially apparent in the paintings that exhibit her desert surroundings, as she lives and works in the same area that O’Keefe frequented and enjoyed.


This comparison, however, hardly does justice to Rothernberg’s paintings, which are more like very reduced, almost minimalist interpretations of objects and environments. Subjects which seem to appear frequently in the artist’s works are horses and human limbs, either floating detached, or possibly attached to some unseen person just out of frame. The thick, heavy brushstrokes that form the lines are unapologetic and lovely in their simplicity and presence.


I love the big comfy chair that Rothenberg has in her studio in this photo! It looks like she’s being interviewed in it, and it would great for such purposes, and nice to have a level of comfort in your studio where it’s a nice place to be, not only to work, but to be among your works and art supplies and contemplate new ideas, or invite someone else in to help you brainstorm. Otherwise, the studio looks rather tidy, spacious but not too large, and with just the supplies that one would need to keep working.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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